Friday, July 26, 2013

The Ultimate Way to Store Baby Clothes

Lisa's mentioned before that switching out kids' clothes is her least favorite chore. It was mine too (although I think "least favorite chore" is an honor that many chores can share-- putting on fitted sheets, I'm looking in your direction). Finally I decided to revamp my baby clothes organization, and, I have to tell you, it's been marvelous. No more fumbling through plastic bags to find the one you're looking for. No more trying to shove all the clothes into the dresser. No more digging through closets. Awesome.

In my opinion, here are the basic tenets of a good baby clothes organization system.

  1. Rigid containers for each size of clothing. The rigidity is key because it forces you to get rid of whatever doesn't fit and tame the baby clothes madness. My rule is throw out whatever's stained, donate the rest that doesn't fit. I used these, but any kind of box would work (I hear diaper boxes are pretty good for this). 
  2. Good labeling. I went ahead and labeled each side of each box, so I could tell what the size was without turning it. (I was on a label-making spree, so why not, right?)
  3. Easy access. For me, this meant putting eight underbed storage containers underneath our bed. As we need more containers, I plan on stacking the most out-of-date clothes-bins in our closet. 
Share -- What does your baby clothes system look like? Or what do you wish it looked like?

Tell us -- What areas in your home are your trouble spots for organization?

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