Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Survive with a Toddler in a Cast

I'll be honest. October has not been a banner month for our household. Two emergency room visits in two days rendered me the last one standing (or at least walking with the ability to bend both my legs) in our beleaguered little family (Aaron dislocated his kneecap and C broke his leg). At least I've been honing my ability to drive in downtown Boston as I shuttle people to and from work and doctor and physical therapy appointments.

Here are some of the things that have gotten me through the past few weeks.

Like father, like son :) 

1. No Rinse Shampoo Cap (~$4 each)

The downside is they smell super chemically (probably because they are) and at $4 a piece are a little pricey. But, man, when you have a toddler in a cast, this is a life-saving (or at least hair-saving) option. I just open a package, plunk it on his head, rub, and towel dry. It's great for our mid-week hair wash when my husband isn't home to help at bedtime. Obviously not something I'd do on a regular basis, but I've loved using these at least once a week while C has his cast on.

2. Non-Skid Socks ($10/pair)

We have hardwood floors in our apartment, which I love. Unfortunately, it turns out that a hard cast + slick hard floors do not much friction make. After three days of having a SUPER cranky toddler who was frustrated with crawling and dragging his cast behind him, we finally got these socks in the mail (surprisingly, I couldn't find any at Target-- maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough). I got the small adult size and it fit well over his cast foot and gave him enough traction to hobble around like Long John Silver on our floors.

In retrospect, I probably would have gotten two pairs, so I could have two indoor socks and two outdoor socks to rotate through. I've just had him wearing the sock just indoors, so the bottom of his cast is looking pretty grody right now from walking outside.

3.Fisher Price Learning Home ($80.95... or free if you have super nice neighbors)

My lovely upstairs neighbor brought us this toy her boys had outgrown one day while they were at school (she still thought it would be safer to donate on the sly). And, dang, now that I see how much it is new I am even more grateful. C played with it for hours each day. And to say that is a miracle for my child is a huge understatement. It has so many little buttons, knobs, flips, and switches, he was in heaven. The first day he played with it for a huge chunk of the morning while I read a Home Decorators catalog (not that I am going to buy or make anything, I just like to peruse). So I was in heaven too. It was perfect for him to play while seated with his cast. I'm not sure if they're still making it, since Amazon said there are only 16 left, but I'm sure there is a similar concept toy out there on the market if you can't find this exact one.

4.B. Meowsic Keyboard ($30)

Lisa had recommended this toy to me long ago, but C just got it for his birthday and is obsessed with his "ano." (Not sure why the "P" didn't make it into his rendition of this word.) It's a great toy for sitting (he can get around fine now, thanks to the sock, but it's a bit easier for him to be seated). And all the buttons, songs, and microphone really hold his interest. I only wish you could turn the volume down a bit more.

5. Target Track Pants for Toddlers (~$4)
When we left the hospital, poor C didn't have any pants on because his jeans wouldn't fit over his cast. We've since wised up and stocked up on $5 Target track pants that he wears every day. We pair them with a church shirt on Sundays, and he looks pretty awesome :)

6. Sharpie Permanent Marker Fine Tip 8 Pack ($6)

Now that C almost has his cast off, I wish I would have gotten more people to sign his cast-- especially his toddler friends. He loves to point to the names he can see. Another regret is that I bought them from Walgreens and not online. I paid almost twice this.

7. Which should really be #1, and is priceless, is my mom. She's out here for a week helping me maintain my sanity right now. Mothers are life savers!

And, of course, HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Money Hip Mamas!

Have your kids broken any bones? What's helped get through the weeks while the cast is on?


  1. I do not envy you! Those are some great tips though that I never would have considered! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. If I may make a suggestion- especially if you are keeping your cast... Write down on a piece of paper who signed the cast. I was a year old when I broke my leg, my mom kept my cast for me, but I don't know who many of the people are that signed my cast. (We moved when I was 4-my family knows them better than me) but it would be nice to be able to look at something to see who signed it- after ink and memories fade some :)


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