Thursday, February 27, 2014

Make your own cheap but classy cards for every occasion

I can never quite decide which is more annoying-- the steep price for greeting cards or having to run out and grab one when I realize last minute I need a "Happy Birthday" card or a "Congratulations" card or whatever the occasion may be.

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The solution? I buy blank cards and envelopes in bulk and have rubber stamps for each occasion. Then, whenever I need a card, I have the tools to make one in seconds on hand. 

Here are the supplies you need:

Blank cards and envelopes. I think the recycled paper looks nice with black rubber stamps, but pick whatever kind you like. I couldn't find the link to the same cards I purchased, but these ones seem like they'd get the job done. 50 cards and envelopes for $8.00?! 

Ink pad and stamps. I have a large black ink pad and the stamps I get from Paper Source (mostly because it is the most convenient location for me to get to). I usually wait until I have a specific card to write that I need a stamp for, then I'll go out and buy the stamps. Usually one small picture stamp and one small word stamp. It's great if "Congratulations" fits the bill because you can use that for many occasions (baby showers, weddings, graduation...) Once you invest in the stamps (which are somewhat pricey, but still only about the cost of two store-bought Papyrus cards), then the cost (variable cost... for you accountants) for each card is pretty low ($0.16 if you buy those super cheap ones linked to above). I like that.

That's it!

I usually stamp out two or three cards every time I make one so I have a couple on hand. I just do the picture and the word stamp on the front of the card. I stamp the picture across the seal of the envelope just to tie things together. Done and done.

So easy to keep any kind of card you'd ever need on hand.

How cute is this tandem bike for a wedding card?

Simple thank you card

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