Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Favorite Pregnancy and Newborn Things

Back when Lisa had her second baby, she did this post about her favorite tips/things for pregnancy, labor, and the newborn phase. Now that I've just had my second, I want to share the things that were helpful for me. I'm skipping the tips for labor part, because while I did a lot of preparation for a natural hospital childbirth, I ended up having a SUPER precipitous labor (as in went from 10-minute mild contractions to transition in no time flat and delivered the baby standing in our bathroom, with paramedics arriving shortly thereafter) and therefore no useful tips for the labor experience. Except that hydrogen peroxide does miracles for getting blood out of grout in your bathroom.

Favorite Pregnancy Things

Grabber. Ummm... yes, I bought one of these. And, yes, it was amazing. Not only for pregnancy, when I found myself doing a mental net-benefit analysis before bending over to pick up any dropped object, but also when packing a newborn around either in my arms or in a baby carrier.

Baby sleep books. I remember with my first pregnancy I read a ton on pregnancy and nothing about babies. Big mistake. This time, I prepared myself by reading several baby sleep books. I liked having a few different perspectives to draw upon this time around.
Favorite Newborn Things

Baby Bjorn Bouncer. Granted this one does not come with a cheap price tag, but if you have room in your budget for it, can get one secondhand, or as a gift (thanks, Mom!), I highly recommend this. I love that

  • It's lightweight enough to carry from room to room so the baby can stay with us,
  • The bouncer can fold flat for storage,
  • It can be used longer than most bouncers since it converts to a toddler chair,
  • The baby can interact with it, and
  • The bouncer is soft against the back of the baby's head.

Exercise ball. Holy cow. I wish I had this with our colicky first child. I originally bought this ball for pregnancy exercises, but I have used it WAY more to bounce my newborn when she's fussy. Granted, bouncing a baby on a ball is less enjoyable than bouncing on a ball without a baby (it tends to hurt my back a bit), but it's still a great way to soothe her with motion without wearing myself out doing crazy standing knee-bends. It's especially great when your other child is already in bed and you can just bounce away and watch something on Netflix.

Rolls of crepe paper. You know that dreaded moment when you need to put the newborn down for a nap or feed her, but you can tell your toddler is going to get into some serious mischief in those 15 minutes? That's when you toss him a roll of crepe paper and let them go to town. For all the mass of crinkly fun, it's pretty clean since it's in one piece (unless of course, he decides to tear it into hundreds of small pieces), but more importantly, you know they're going to be safely occupied for a period of time.

Kindle books/Netflix movies. Nothing mollifies feelings of bitterness at night wakings like a good book or movie. Since night feedings burn through hours of movies faster than I can find new good ones to watch, I like watching movie adaptations of books and then reading the books to get even more mileage out of them (and it helps me not use up data on my phone so quickly because our wireless signal is pretty weak in our bedroom). And since works written over a hundred years ago typically have expired copyrights that you can get for free on the Kindle (or Kindle App if you don't have a Kindle), I tend to stick to the classics. My favorites have been
  • North and South 
  • Middlemarch 
  • Mansfield Park 
  • Sense and Sensibility 
Peapod. And last, but not least, after your first delivery from Peapod, you can use the coupon code "FREEDELIVERY" to get free delivery (or $6.95 off your delivery fees for each delivery) for 60 days. I just did our first order yesterday, and I am never going back to the grocery store with two kids unless it's absolutely necessary. Plus, I'm convinced it's easier to shop on a budget when you do one order a week, and can watch the cost add up as you put things in your virtual cart.

Share-- What are your favorite movies/shows to watch on Netflix?

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  1. Lauren, I love what you have done with this site. Seriously, you are amazing. Just hoping to be as cool as you someday. And while I'm not married and don't have any kids, I do love reading about mommy stuff, haha.

    1. Thanks for the comment, it definitely helps with the motivation to keep blogging! I'm definitely not that cool, but I'm glad you enjoy reading our posts!

  2. I've been doing middle of the night feedings for the last two months myself and I have worked my way through most of the Jane Austen movies (and all their versions), too! I don't have Netflix, but I've also really been enjoying re-watching favorite TV shows - Friends, Psych, Gilmore Girls, and the less well known Eureka have been life savers!

    1. My husband and I love Psych! It's crazy how much you can watch/read when you're nursing...


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