Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Money Hip Chats: Husband Edition

To mix it up, this month's Money Hip Chat questions were fielded by Lauren's husband (Aaron) and my husband (Bryan). They're both pretty great so we're excited for them to make their blog debut.
Just so our readers can get to know you a little bit, what are your hobbies (past or present--since I know neither of you has much free time these days)?
Aaron: I like being outside and like to road bike, rock climb, and do triathlons. I'm also a big fan of Psych and also find myself watching mid-to-low grade action movies on Netflix when I want a bit of mindless entertainment. The latest version of "Red Dawn" was the latest movie I wasted a couple hours of my life watching.
Bryan:  I consider myself a technologist.  I love playing with and reading about technology.  Much to the frustration of my wife I could spend all day playing on my iPad or trying different apps with my Pebble Smartwatch.

How involved are you in the monthly budgeting?
Aaron: Probably not as much as I should be. Lauren I and discuss our goals for the year and walk through it in detail at the beginning of the year and then at the end of each month, but Lauren is the main driver and keeper of the budget. The quality of our budget is a direct function of her work.
Bryan: Very - since Lisa is the CPA, I am responsible for downloading and categorizing our transactions in Quicken and then Lisa does the review.

How do you like living on a budget? (Honesty is allowed)
Aaron: I like it about as much as going to the dentist. It's never something I really enjoy but am glad when I do it.
Bryan: I love the freedom it gives knowing that I don’t have to worry about having enough money to pay for items we have budgeted for (groceries, gas, etc.).  However, it makes Christmas and Birthdays a challenge as I feel like I have to “hide” or “justify” presents to Lisa.

What do you like to spend your “fun funds” money on?
Aaron: Good question. I haven't spent much of my "fun funds" for quite awhile. I'm largely saving for a new road bike so we'll see if I have the discipline to reach that goal.
Bryan: Technology, outdoor sports equipment

What do you love most about being married to an accountant?
Aaron: The fact that sometimes they make jokes about Excel, a program I have spent way too many hours of my life looking at. Despite their reputation, I have learned accountants can have a pretty good sense of humor.

Bryan: To this day I have never done my taxes...and I never plan to.

Thanks to both Aaron and Bryan to humoring us! I'm lucky Bryan is willing to be actively involved in our budgeting and finances. I think it helps that we set our financial goals together, because we both know what we're working towards (it keeps us motivated). For more about money and marriage, check out this article about how to prevent financial arguments.

Speak up: How is your spouse involved in the family's budgeting and finances? Do you budget together?

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