Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Best Buys at Trader Joe's

When we moved to Boston, we lived a few blocks from Trader Joe's, so that's where I did 95 percent of all our grocery shopping. Over time, I've learned that a few things are particularly good buys there. Here are some of my favorites.

Face Wash: Pretty cheap, pretty natural, and this stuff seriously lasts forever because it's so thin.

Jojoba Oil: I use it as a makeup remover. Another cheap, natural alternative. And it takes forever to get through a bottle (a major plus).

If you like buying real maple syrup, this is the place to get it. It seems expensive when you buy the 32 ounce jug, but it's WAY cheaper than buying the small containers at the regular grocery stores.

TJ Brand Pirate's Booty: Okay, I know this stuff isn't actually healthy. But it is so delicious, and it's much cheaper here than the Pirate's Booty brand is at normal grocery stores.

Cheese: Really any and all kinds. They have a wonderful selection (like their honey goat cheese? Yes, please). I just have normal cheddar pictured here, but it's still pretty good and the price is pretty good.

Nuts: They have a great selection of nuts at pretty good prices.

Bananas: At our Trader Joe's at least, bananas are a loss leader item always priced at 19 cents each. 

Share-- What are your favorite items at Trader Joe's? What are your favorite grocery stores?


  1. We don't shop at TH's very often (since the closest one to us is the one at Patriot Place/Gillette Stadium) but it is a fun place to try new treats! My favorite grocery store in New England, hands down, is Market Basket. They have amazing prices on just about everything...for me, it's worth driving two towns over.

  2. WoW...I've shopped at TJ's a few times, with my SO joe, we found DEEEELICIOUS! greats but I never saw the face wash!! I think I'll add it to Christmas gift baskets I'm giving with all my favs!! Thank you for the CHEESE FYI! Will go perfect with their wine selections!! And OMG!! The 100% maple syrup!! That's all I buy & TJ's is a GREAT DEAL!


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