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Masters Degree graduation day, back in the day.
Lauren and Lisa met and became friends in the accounting program at Brigham Young Universty (BYU). We cemented our friendship over our love of nerdiness, our lack of homemaking skills (we've since made improvements), and our many similarities in personality and sense of humor. We both met handsome dudes, got married, and ended up starting our careers with Big Four accounting firms in the California Bay Area. We both left the corporate world to be stay-at-home moms of baby boys. We're now occupying opposite sides of the country, but created this blog together to share our passion of all things personal finance. 

About Lisa: Born and raised in Utah, I graduated from BYU with an undergrad and Masters in accounting. My California-boy husband convinced me to move to the Bay Area after graduation. I hesitantly agreed but have since fallen in love with the beautiful weather, endless fresh produce, and wonderful people. Thanks to budgeting and personal finance tactics, we were even able to buy a home here.

Personal finance has been a passion of mine ever since I saw the struggles and stress even the most educated people face as a result of financial decisions. Having done accounting and taxes for people from all walks of life, I realize that money is not the source of happiness; however, I do see the peace and freedom that comes from following sound financial principles. I used to work in the financial world on a full time basis, but left to be a stay-at-home mom to my kids. I still dabble in taxes and accounting, but since staying home, I have picked up a variety of other hobbies (that will surely be reflected in my blog posts) such as DIY home renovations/d├ęcor, cooking, and reading.

About Lauren: I grew up loving all things liberal arts (drawing, painting, music, reading, and writing), so I was pretty surprised that I ended up as an accounting major (for both my bachelor's and master's degrees) at Brigham Young University. But it ended up being a great fit and shaped my life in many positive ways.

I've worked for both a smaller accounting firm doing individual taxes and for one of the Big Four accounting firms working primarily for large corporations. Now I am a stay-at-home mom to one busy (aren't they all?) toddler (and one on the way). But even though I left my day job as an accountant, I have been surprised by how much my general knowledge of finances, taxes, and organization still impact my everyday life. My goal for this blog is to distill all of my (and Lisa's) personal finance nerdiness down into the most useful bits and pass them on to you in a painless (and hopefully fun) way. Happy reading!


  1. Lauren! This is your older equally nerdy cousin, Janice! What a fun blog!!! I'll be calling you soon with some fun news about my daughter! I'll be checking out your blog from now on, as well! It's awesome!!!


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