Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY Home Makeover: Bathroom

Our old 1970s home was in need of a lot of TLC when we bought it three years ago. Wish we had the time and money to redo everything, but we're slowly making it around to each room. Can't believe it's already been 2.5 years since we redid our bathroom. Thought I'd post the writeup of the transformation.
Such a huge project for such a small room, but we're not talking putting in a new vanity and mirror. The floor had water damage down to the subfloor and it only had a tub (no shower), so we ripped out *everything* and started from scratch. No professionals whatsoever. Just my husband Bryan, my father-in-law, and me. It was unbelievable. When we started, I barely knew how to use a screwdriver. Now Bryan and I know how to demo, install a new construction window, stucco, remove a bathtub, plumbing (sewer and copper), repair a subfloor, install a new bathtub, install new drywall, texture, tile, wire a light fixture, install a toilet, vanity, etc.

This story is best told through pictures. I'd do just the before and after, but you really can't appreciate the after unless you at least glance at what it looked like in between.


Scary, right?

Yes, that is the crawlspace underneath our house. I'm telling you, we had to gut the place.
This is me adding stucco around the new toilet subfloor. On my birthday.
The joys of plumbing.
Fred taught me how to install drywall, then I did it all by myself. Like a big girl.

Starting the subway tile.
I designed our floor tile after a Marriott hotel bathroom we stayed at. Inspiration comes from anywhere, I guess.

*sigh* I'm tired just remembering all the work it was. But we love our new bathroom. And we learned so much, it was worth it. Thank you to Bryan for all of the many, many, many hours he put in.

Demo fun - If you could take a sledgehammer to one room in your place, which would it be?

Any DIY-ers out there? What skills have you picked up on since attempting to redo your place?

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  1. And I have visited Lisa's house and even used (?!?!?) this bathroom, and I can attest that it is even more amazing than in the pictures.

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  3. So much work, but such great results!


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