Thursday, December 19, 2013

Functional Bedroom Touches (On a Budget): Master Bedroom Makeover (Part 2/3)

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For Part 2 of my Master Bedroom Makeover, I wanted to highlight a few things we did to save space and make our room a little more functional (Part 1 was about how we made it brighter).

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(1) Sconces

My husband and I like to read before bed, but hated how bulky lamps took up so much room on our bedside table. We decided sconces were the perfect solution. The layout of our bedroom only allows for one place to put the bed, so we weren't nervous about permanently wiring them into the walls. We just made sure to space the sconces far enough apart to allow for a king-sized headboard in case we ever upgrade.

I chose these sconces from Restoration Hardware (I know, I'm a little RH-obsessed), waited for a sale (I'm always on a budget), and then bought them. They are just as beautiful in person as they were in the catalog. I opted for the linen shade (for its classical element) and the polished nickel (for its modern touch).

(2) Reading Nook

Candice Olson from HGTV is one of my favorite designers. I like her style, plus she always gives practical tips. Best tip I ever learned from her: Filling a space meaningfully (with furniture, etc.) actually makes a room appear bigger than leaving it cavernously empty. So I formulated a plan to make our small master bedroom seem bigger. I realized our IKEA dressers (that were previously put side-by-side on our window wall), when split, could actually double as bedside tables, freeing up extra space for a reading nook.
Dressers before, together and against the wall
Once I'd freed up all that space my next mission was to find just the right chair. I searched long and hard for a chair pattern that was both neutral, modern, and busy enough to hide the toddler/baby stains that would inevitably follow. I landed on this one from Target (regular price: $230, sale + ebates = I paid about $130). It keeps with the transitional style I was going for.
Our reading nook sections off one corner of the room, making the room seem bigger.

(3) Ceiling Fan

I know ceiling fans aren't the pinnacle of high design, but here in the Bay Area, they are extremely practical, eliminating the need for air conditioning on most nights. So I settled for a ceiling fan with a more modern design. After a lot of research, I bought the 44 Inch Minka Aire F518-PN in polished nickel. It's flush-mount for a more low-profile look. We did have to use the balancing kit to remove any wobble, but it's very quiet and effective. I bought it from Amazon. We love it--I don't know how we used to survive summer without it. Oh wait--yes I do (see the ugly portable fan on our dresser in the "before" picture below).

And that's how, on a budget, I brought our room from dark and ugly...

…to fabulous and functional!

SHARE - What tricks have you used to free up space or make a room more functional?


  1. The update looks so great! I want you to come do my room!!

  2. The curtains and rug add a lot to the room!

  3. The curtains and rug add a lot to the room!

    1. I agree, I think the long curtains help lengthen the walls and make it seem bigger.

  4. I love the DIY/budget redo posts! Here is a suggestion that I would love (as the mother of an 8mo on the brink of crawling): baby proofing on a budget/for renters/for small spaces. Any product/hardware recommendations would be really helpful!

    1. Ooh, great idea! I've been thinking about doing a post like that, but I know Lauren would have great info on that, too. Lauren, it's your call. The only no-damage really effective child locks I know of for cabinets are the magnetic kind. I don't have them, but my parents do. My little guy figured out the regular type of child locks in about a month.

    2. It's all you, Lisa. Our baby proofing involves adhesive locks that are probably going to stay on our furniture til the bitter end...


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