Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Budget Boot Camp - Financial DREAMS vs. Financial GOALS

First of all, thanks to everyone for sticking with us! We've actually picked up MORE campers since last month's e-mail (for those of you who missed it, your assignment was to List all your accounts and their balances. Now, onto the next step . . . writing down your financial goals!

This is BUDGET Boot Camp, why are we talking about goals? 

Like anything that requires consistency and diligence, budgeting can be hard. Goals will keep you motivated by reminding you what you're working towards. Just like dieters who post motivational pictures and quotes on their fridge, financial goals will help you push through the tough parts. Endorphins are not limited to marathon runners. Just wait until the first time you get your budget in place, start checking it regularly, and watch how it puts you on track to reach all of your financial goals!

Do you have financial goals? 

I hope so! Let me ask you this--Do you have financial GOALS or do you have financial DREAMS? What's the difference? DREAMS live in our heads. GOALS are written down, planned for, and reviewed often. Which do you think is more likely to happen? The answer is obvious, so read on to find out how to turn your financial dreams into financial goals.
One of my financial goals: Get these cute little kiddos to college (and stay sane in the process). Occasionally, both goals feel like a long shot.

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