Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Easy Neighbor Gift - Decorative Martinelli's Bottle - (Free Printable)

I'm always trying to come up with ideas for neighbor/friend Christmas gifts. Last year, I was in the thick of trying to lose weight from baby #2, so we were those people who gave out buckets of fruit. Well this year, I think my neighbors will be significantly less tempted to egg my house. :)

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The whole project is so easy, it's ridiculous.


Step 1: Print -- The printable has 2 labels per page. (I think we were the last people on the planet to join the 21st Century and buy a color printer. I guess it was worth the wait because we love ours--mostly because I can print straight from my iPhone.)
Step 2: Cut out a 1.5" circle (I did use this hole punch to speed things up, but you could use scissors).
Step 3: Fold printable and place on bottle.
Step 4: Put your feet up. Because you're done. You're welcome.

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Anyone have ideas for easy neighbor gifts? I need ideas for next year!


  1. Hmmm... I can't seem to find the "free downloads" section of the facebook page. :(

    1. Sorry Colette, just updated it. You should be able to find it now! And I sent you a link, just in case. ;)