Thursday, January 21, 2021

3 Ways To Get Festive For Easter

With Easter approaching, many of you may be thinking of some fun ideas to enjoy the occasion. The typical easter egg hunt for the children and Easter feast is great and traditional. Yet, to make the occasion a bit different from usual and one to remember, there are some fun ways to get into to Easter spirit. From making fun activities for the children to getting creative in the house, here are three ways to get festive for the occasion.

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Playing dress-up is fun for any occasion. Not only does it get you in the spirit, but it is a bit of fun that all of the family can join in with. For example, an Easter bunny dress for mum or easter shirts for toddlers is a simple way to make sure everyone is involved. 

Dressing up does not necessarily mean getting into fancy dress. Instead, adding some Easter touches to an outfit like bunny ears, pastel colors, or a fun shirt is just as effective and more affordable than designing an entire outfit. If you want to make or wear a whole outfit, then go for it. But for more affordability, wearing items you already have and making them Easter-appropriate is just as effective. 

DIY Decorations

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There are infinite ways you can get creative for Easter. From setting up the table with runners and themed decor to making your own easter bunting, there is something to meet everyone’s preferences. You might even find you already have the tools you need to make your own Easter decorations, such as colored cards, stickers, and tissue. The decoration does not have to be expensive to look or feel fancy. 

Simple and affordable materials are more efficient to use as they are typically reusable or recyclable. For some DIY ideas, see below:

  • Table runner

  • Easter egg tree

  • Nest wreath 

  • Pressed flower eggs

  • Woven decorations (vase, placemats, wall hangings)

  • Bunny balloons

  • 3D egg ornament

  • Bunny pinata

  • Eggshell garland

Make Your Own Easter Presents

To unleash more creativity, you and the family could make your own Easter presents. Not only is it a fun activity, but it makes for a nice personal gift for the special occasion that you have made yourself. 

From cards to baskets filled with Easter goodies, you can make your own from scratch. Making your own Easter cards is a simple and easy activity for the children to get stuck into while you make your own baskets. Using woven materials for baskets makes them Easter-appropriate and also reusable. Fill the baskets with chocolate goodies and your DIY bunny decorations for an extra treat. 

There is no reason not to get in the festive spirit for Easter with all of these fun ideas. These ideas can involve the whole family so that everyone can have a part in making the holiday special.

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