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The First 6 Things You Will Want to Do When You're Pregnant

When you are finally pregnant after so many months or years of trying, you will be pleased beyond belief. But you’ll also be relieved because you have been dreaming of this moment for so long. However, sometimes many women fall into traps of doubt, overwhelming emotions, and sometimes, regret. But if you make some plans the first few weeks of your first pregnancy, you will be setting yourself up for joyful success.

Don’t panic, make a list

You will be feeling a million different emotions at once. We know how hard this can be. You feel happy one minute, then confused, then happy again and then scared. Repeat this cycle over and over and you have the makings for a panic scenario. Don’t worry! The pregnancy will be 9 months. Correction, 9 long months. You have a lot of time to plan out the things you want to do. So make a list.

For You

First off, you the mother need to be catered for. So go shopping for these items

  • Neck pillow. This is going to allow you to sleep on the sofa where you are and not get up to go to bed for a nap when you are heavily pregnant

  • Buy some comfortable clothes. Baggy, stretchy, loose, breathable, clothes will serve you well.

  • New slippers. Newsflash, your feet will swell. So get yourself some very comfortable slippers which you can wear as your feet grow.

  • Buy some comfortable joggers. A simple pair of pajamas that keep you warm but stretch as you grow, is a godsend.

For the baby

The initial few weeks after birth will take priority, so again, make a list.

  • A cot or crib. Pretty simple, the baby needs a place to sleep

  • Basket. If you're downstairs and the baby needs to nap, put him or her in the rocking basket.

  • Baby clothes. Again, pretty simple stuff. Get some baby clothes made from cotton, not wool or synthetics

  • Baby food and baby milk. You will need about two bottles a day of baby food and sometimes when you cannot feed your child, baby formula is the answer.

  • Good diapers or nappies. Stretchy, non-chafing, comfortable, and strong odor-repellent diapers or nappies are a must.

Wanting to tell everyone

After you have made the list, if you hadn’t already, you will be wanting to inform everyone you know! Having a baby is a huge deal. It's the start of a new life growing inside you. So, take a look at these unique pregnancy announcement ideas to try and see which ones you like the most.

One of them is buying a nifty pet shirt, which has the announcement, like ‘expecting’ or ‘new delivery’.

Create a onesie with your announcement. It's fun, cute and lets people know instantly that you are about to go on an unforgettable 9-month long journey. Imagine giving an onesie announcement card to your parents.

You can also get a surprise coffee mug for the dad to be. Make him coffee one morning with a custom mug that says, ‘you’re gonna be a dad’ or something similar. This could be one of the best presents he gets. He’ll cherish it and perhaps show your son or daughter one day, the mug that let him know he was going to be a new father. Get creative and surprise him, any of these 56 ideas could be a great memory-maker in your new family.

Eat more

Let's be honest here. Some women will want to get ahead of the curve and eat more. But wait a minute. Your body only demands more food during month 3. So please hold off on any extra eating and just wait for your body to let you know when it's okay to eat more. We also get that you might not have a large appetite anyway so you feel like you need to put on the pounds now, to help your baby grow. Many slim women feel this way and to some degree it's true. Slimmer women could be more exposed to a risk of not giving their baby enough to eat while in the womb. However, we recommend that you steadily increase your calorie intake and not eat all of a sudden.

Increase your caloric intake by about 50-100 calories per month. If your daily intake was 1,800 calories, you can add about 600 to 800 calories by the third trimester. A new mother can afford to increase to about 2,200 to 2,400 calories.

Go for a walk

We highly recommend going for regular walks to clear your head. It can be both as a couple or just alone. It will allow you to take things slow and just relax. Plan stuff in your head and formalize what you’re going to do.

Even though you have been wanting this for so long and perhaps even planning it for a couple years in advance, it's finally going to hit you that you are about to be a mom. Your whole life will suddenly come into focus. What is your career doing now? How much time do you need off work? Are you ready to be a mother, practically? You’ll need to be more patient, loving, and understanding. Is your boyfriend or husband ready too? Will you be able to work a schedule? So many questions and so many answers needed before you feel safe and secure. Taking regular walks can give you time to process and ponder these important questions.

Keep fit!

We know that becoming pregnant will have a huge effect on your body. Many women will not be worried about how they look, they just want to be comfortable and have a safe delivery. They might stop working out and break their usual fitness routine. You can still do other things like pilates, running, aerobics and some weight lighting. We highly recommend that you keep staying fit and keep your body in good shape. This is important because the stronger you are the stronger your immune system will be to protect you and your baby.

Stop comparing yourself

It's very easy to start comparing yourself to another mother. This can set off doubt traps and this can lead to needless worry. Motherhood is not a competition! Being part of a community of other mothers can help you gain knowledge and support, but realize your motherhood is going to be different. Your personality is different and your culture might be different. Some mothers have more family support than others.

Hopefully, you're feeling more prepared for your pregnancy. Pregnancy can be challenging, but with a little preparation, you can feel more relaxed and enjoy the miracle of creating life.

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