Monday, April 5, 2021

Where Can You Get Cheap Car Batteries?


Car ownership can be expensive, from annual servicing and MOTs to filling up with fuel. Most drivers are looking to cut the costs wherever possible without cutting corners. It’s easy to economize by finding the cheapest place to buy car batteries. But you have to know where to look – and more particularly, what to look for. If you’re in the market for a cheap car battery, these tips may help you. Read on for more details.

Why The Internet Can Be Cheaper Than The High Street

There are two ways to use the Internet to save on costs when you are looking for a battery replacement for your vehicle. The first is to type a query such as ‘the cheapest place to buy a car battery near me’. That will generally bring up a list of local stores that stock car batteries so you can select one that’s convenient for you to visit. 

But there’s no guarantee that this will secure you the best price for your replacement battery. Physical stores, whether on the high street or at a retail park, can have a massive amount of overheads, from rent to employing staff to serve customers. Often, a proportion of these expenses are added to the prices they charge for their stock. 

Buying over the Internet can secure more competitive prices on all types of purchases, as these sellers don’t always have the same level of overheads and can, therefore, charge less for items. 

How To Source Your Battery With Confidence

The issue with buying online, though, is that you can’t see what you’re getting. And many sellers’ names may be unfamiliar to you, so how can you have confidence that the cheapest place to buy a new car battery is the best for your requirements? Time to do a little due diligence on the seller! 

First, check that it’s a thriving business with a good turnover of stock. Batteries are best when they are ‘fresh’ from the factory. One way to judge this is if the company is centered on selling batteries and other car accessories, other than them being just a sideline or part of a wide variety of products. 

Next, check reviews from past customers – both on the company’s website (which should look professional and provide full details of any warranties offered on products) and on independent review sites. You’re looking for evidence of excellent customer service here. You can also ask expert dealerships like Riley Ford Inc for advice specific to your vehicle.

Never Get Stung On Delivery Charges

Finally, one thing to watch with online sellers is the cost of shipping. You don’t want to source what you think is a cheap car battery online and then find it works out far more expensive than other alternatives once delivery charges are added!

How long does it take to charge a completely dead car battery?

If your car battery needs charging, it will take between four and 24 hours to get it back to operational order. The factors that affect the time it takes include the battery’s size and the charger’s capacity. You’ll find that most battery chargers are around four amps, but if you want the job done quicker, higher-powered chargers are available. 

How often should you change your car battery?

The average car battery starts to show its age around three years after fitting. If you’ve struggled with your car battery beyond that, you’ll find it much less reliable. Moreover, batteries that are four to five years old plus are less safe to use. Your battery will give you warning signs that it’s starting to fail. 

How do I choose a battery for my car?

Two critical factors when selecting the cheapest place to buy a car battery for your vehicle are the Reserve Capacity, or RC, and the Cold Cranking Amps, the CCA. The latter is how much power the battery needs to emit to get your car started. To ensure you buy the right battery for your car’s requirements, check the manufacturer’s specifications. 

How long does it take the alternator to charge the car battery?

Running your car charges a run-down battery, but the alternator needs sufficient time to do this. A battery around 70% charged takes up to an hour to reach full capacity under usual driving conditions. On the motorway, where drivers typically travel at higher speeds and for longer distances without stopping and starting, charges it in around 30 minutes. 

What causes a car battery to suddenly go dead?

If your battery suddenly dies, check all electrics are off. Also, check the connections to the battery under the bonnet – corrosion can stop a battery from charging correctly. Extremes of hot and cold temperatures can also prevent charging. Finally, you may have a faulty battery on your hands, so start looking for the cheapest place to buy a car battery replacement. 

Keeping Your Battery In Good Condition

Typical car batteries only work well for three to five years. To get the best value for money from an affordable automotive battery, take good care of it. Turn off all electrics while the car isn’t being driven to avoid battery drain. Check all terminals on the battery and clean off any debris to prevent corrosion. And try to make occasional long journeys to charge the battery fully.  

What Does It Take To Make A Better Battery?

Top university experts are engaged in improving battery performance and saving the planet by exploring how to detect faults before they happen. They’re also looking at ways to extend battery life and finding second uses for worn-out batteries. Experimenting with new materials and powering batteries with solar energy are just two future changes that may achieve these aims while still charging consumers a reasonable price for automobile battery replacements.

Changing Car Battery For Yourself

You can buy a low-cost vehicle battery from reliable sellers, but unless you can fit it yourself, the price can add up. Changing a car battery is relatively easy, though. First, locate the battery and disconnect the terminals, starting with the negative one (black). Unfasten the battery clamp at the base. Remove the old one, insert the new battery, clean the terminals and reconnect them. Simple! 

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