Monday, May 24, 2021

Brighten up Your Home With a Budget Makeover


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Cottagecore is a new concept for home decoration that developed in the 2010s. It is characterised by a rural aesthetic that is both clean and modern - but that doesn’t mean it has to be new or expensive. Cottagecore originally appealed to millennials and Gen Zed but today its audience is more diverse. 

Cottagecore can be anything you want, it can be either very expensive or very budget-friendly, it completely depends on your aspirations. On the budget side of things, you can make a cottagecore room by introducing some weathered furniture bought at a thrift store similar to a Furniture Bank


Sometimes labelled a trend Japandi has been around for centuries and describes the aesthetic cultural connections between Japan and Scandanavia. As you can see this is how the word Japandi is created, but the styles don’t only overlap, they also complement each other very well. 

In short, Japandi is a pared-down style that is rustic, modern, and functional. The Japan side offers beauty in imperfection while the Scandi side gives you “Hygge” comfort for your home. To make this style work on a budget you use linked furniture and solid neutral colors for walls and curtains.     

Mirrored Furniture 

Using mirrored furniture for your budget makeover is the smart thing to do, it not only gives you some new furniture pieces but it changes the perception of space in your home and allows more natural light to come in. This is ideal if you spend a lot of time in your home or you need extra light for painting or photography. 

You can buy all kinds of mirrored furniture including mirrored dining tables, mirrored units, mirrored bedside cabinets, and mirrored drawers. Mirrored furniture is an excellent budget investment because it creates the look of more space and blends with any room decoration you decide on.  

Earth Tones 

One thing about earth tones is they never go out of fashion. Earth tones have been used for centuries in the home and it’s no surprise when you hear what modern psychology has to say about them. According to experts earth tones create feelings of calmness and security. 

Calmness and security are exactly what you want when you’re living through such uncertain times. Not only that, earth tones are super flexible which means they are also an excellent budget option for your home if you decide to add or subtract certain features. 

Color Pops 

Summer means color and color means variety. If you’re the sort of person who craves color in your life you might find it in your fashion sense or on your social media accounts, but where is it in your home. It’s time to make your home pop with this year’s summer colors. 

But wait, won’t it cost a whole lot of money to redecorate with bright inspiring colors? The answer is no, and here’s why. All you have to do is decide on your seasonal color scheme and keep this in mind when you head off on your day excursions. Buy plants, fabrics and antiques to fit with your home’s theme. 

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