Tuesday, June 8, 2021

DIY Home Makeover Ideas


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If you aren't heading off to the sunshine this summer and you don't have a staycation planned you might want to get started on a DIY home makeover instead. In some cases, you might have to, because spending so much time in your home means you need to stay inspired and active. If you feel this way but you are out of ideas for where to start then read on. This article has five excellent ways to makeover your home this summer and rediscover your inspiration. 

Make your home green

Spending so much time in the home these days can be exhausting, and when you're constantly working in your home office there is very little chance to get outside to nature and enjoy the summer season. 

So why not give your home a nature makeover and introduce more green plants or even animals like goldfish. Green plants are aerating for your home and excellent for your mental health and your wellbeing. 

Paint with bold colours 

If you feel somewhat uninspired by your home it could be down to the colours and patterns of your walls. Over time these tend to grow on us like moss and we become dulled by their appearance even if we once liked it. 

It's time to refresh your home and bring a new dynamic to it with colour and strength. You need bold colours to shift the perspective and the feeling sharply and create a new vibe. Using standard colours or sticky wallpaper means it can be refreshed regularly. 

Introduce mirrored furniture 

You may not have heard of mirrored furniture before but it is growing in popularity. Hotels and luxury homes have been using this type of furniture for many years because of its excellent benefits, but now it's more accessible and you can use it to makeover your home.

Mirrored furniture such as mirrored drawers allows more natural light into the room and increases the sense of space in your rooms. It also gives your home a sophisticated look and feel and will definitely impress your friends and neighbours. 

Use accent wallpaper 

Sometimes you want a change of scenery in your home but you don't want to renovate everything – that would be too time-consuming and costly. Equally, you don't want to get messy with new wallpaper and paste. 

The best solution is to put up an accent wall using sticky wallpaper. This wallpaper has an adhesive backing instead of traditional paste making it easy on and easy off. What better way to change things up than an inspirational accent wall this summer. 

Consider new flooring 

It's not always easy to put your finger on why your home has become dull and uninspiring. It could be the lighting, the wallpaper, the furniture, or even the flooring. That's right, your flooring can also have an effect on the atmosphere of your home. 

Think about the kind of flooring you have now. Do you have timber, laminate, vinyl, tile, carpet, or something else? Whatever type of flooring you have, consider an alternative for your DIY home makeover. 

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