Monday, June 28, 2021

How To Financially Thrive And Prosper, Even If You Have Kids

 We typically think of having kids and being financially sound as two separate objectives. If you want one, you can’t have the other

But, strictly speaking, is that true? 

Well, maybe not. A lot of parents are discovering that you can have kids and be financially secure at the same time. It’s just a question of knowing how. Let’s take a look. 

Reduce Snacks

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Believe it or not, snacks are one of the major contributors to high childcare costs. The more that you have to buy, the higher the cost of a weekly trip to the supermarket gets. 

Here’s an idea: adopt the French model of family eating. Here, kids are only allowed to eat at mealtimes, leaving it up to them how much food they take in. This way, you can save money by preparing big pasta dishes for the whole family, while avoiding all those costly little extras, like chocolate bars. 

Choose Your Toys Wisely

Kids need toys for their growth and development. But, as a parent, you need to pick them wisely. 

The best toys are those that serve both you and your kids. For instance, you could get your child a ride on board attachment for the buggy. This lets them experience the sensation of rolling along effortlessly, without actually needing a separate scooter. 

You can also get them safe kitchen prep implements that allow them to make their own food. Mashers, for instance, can be a great item for encouraging productive play. 

Don’t Buy A Big House

You don’t need a big house immediately if you have children. Instead, you can get a small apartment for at least the first three years of your kid’s life. You can then use this time to save and invest to build up your capital before buying a home. 

Big houses cost a lot of money to maintain. So smart families always leave buying them to the last minute. 

Get Your Kids Outdoors More

The outdoors is made for kids. But thanks to modern gadgets, only a small minority of them are actually making good use of it. Getting your kids outdoors is the first hurdle. After that, they will usually do the rest for you, coming up with all sorts of fun and games to keep them entertained. Eventually, they’ll learn to love exploring nature and being in the environment with you. 

Use Your Local Library

If you think that you have to buy kids books, DVDs and other media, then think again. Most libraries have a massive stock of entertainment and reading for children, negating the need to actually purchase these items outright. Over the course of several years, you could wind up saving a small fortune this way. 

Save On Diapers And Formula

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The best way to save on diapers and formula is to go au naturel. But if this option isn’t available to you, you might also want to try a subscription service. These allow you to subscribe and save, cutting your monthly costs by as much as 30 percent. 

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