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Important Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance


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When you think for the future, it's not often first on your mind to consider the prospect of early death or what would happen to your family if you died. While it may be unpleasant to prepare ahead, doing so may help to guarantee that a tragedy isn’t more complicated than it has to be. 

For example, your family may be financially secure right now, but what if you were to lose your job, or die? Would they be able to pay off the remainder of your mortgage and keep your household afloat? What about the expenses of your funeral? This is when a life insurance policy comes in handy.

Reasons Life Insurance is Important

Life insurance provides financial security to your family in the case of your death. It is a contract with an insurance company that offers a payout, says Serah, an insurance agent at Primerica, known as a death benefit, to one or more of your designated beneficiaries after you die. 

This coverage is essential in circumstances where you have financial dependents, such as a spouse, parent, or children. 

Besides, if your death might put your beloved in financial jeopardy, you should get a life insurance policy to safeguard them. 

The following are reasons why life insurance is so essential and how the death benefit goes about.

Takes Care of the Children

Even if your spouse is working, your death may leave them with inadequate funds to pay for things like daycare. Suppose you are paying for college. In that case, your spouse may find it challenging to achieve that objective on their own, particularly if you pass away before any college funds accumulate.

Cover Funeral Expenses

The national median cost of a funeral service that includes a viewing and burial is roughly $7,640. However, if you need a vault, it may be considerably more expensive. 

Furthermore, this price does not cover the cost of the cemetery or the preparations for the ceremony. If you pass away suddenly, the last thing you want your bereaved family to worry about is handling your funeral expenses..

Pays of Debts

If the person who inherits your house cannot pay the mortgage without your income, they will have to sell it or risk losing it to foreclosure. The lender may repossess a vehicle with arrears on payment if you leave it to your spouse and can't make the payments. 

Also, your credit card debt may extend to your spouse, inconveniencing them. 

Having a life insurance policy in place is an intelligent method to reimburse your family if you don't want to leave them with unmanageable expenses.

Protects Your Business

You may also want to consider purchasing Key Person Insurance, which is often known as company life insurance. If your firm's operations would crumble without you, designating your company as a beneficiary may assist your company to remain afloat while your surviving partners search for a successor.


If you die suddenly, your family may have to carry the weight of your debts and live without your financial support. A life insurance policy is an excellent method to guarantee that they will be financially cared for when you pass away. 

The amount of insurance you acquire is usually equivalent to your budget, financial objectives, the quality of life you desire for your beneficiaries, and your dependents' requirements.

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