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A Few Different Things To Help Small Business Owners Run Their Business Better


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Starting your own business is an empowering and incredible thing to do in life. Taking control of your future and doing something you are passionate about is certainly the way to go. Everyone makes mistakes in business, so don’t worry about it, keep positive and strive for growth. When you start your own business it can be quite overwhelming as a lot of the jobs are for you to do and they may be jobs that you’re not familiar with, good at, or even want to do. When your new business owner you’re not only will make and sell the products or services that you offer and then you also will be in charge of marketing content creation, social media management, finances, and everything else that you can possibly think of when you normally start it’s just you. It will take time before you’ll be able to hire out to help so there are always different things to help run things a bit more smoothly to make things easier for you.

One way that I can help with your social media when you’re not able to hire help is by working and engaging with influencers and bloggers. Micro bloggers and micro-influencers to be exact are a great partnership for small businesses. Normally in return for your product or service complimentary, they will create content around that whether that’s an article, a post, or a video. This not only gives you promotions online but then it also gives you content that you can use on your channels. You need to remember to credit them and tag them in the post as they are the creators of that content and own the rights to it but it gives you great content you can share. Micro influencers and micro bloggers put a lot of work into what they do and you can get some amazing results, pictures, and videos from it. Also, don’t forget the power of Facebook when it comes to social media and marketing. There are hundreds of different Facebook groups which offer support, advice, and tips to small businesses and entrepreneurs. It is a gold mine and can offer support for specialized niches within different industries as well. Local areas also have business groups so looking out for that can help grow your business locally as well. 

With finances, it can be a bit of a minefield. Obviously, there are things like your local government that can give you advice and sometimes even have free seminars or webinars that can offer you tips and tricks on how to manage your money with the business. Google Drive is a great thing for this as you can use spreadsheets to input your expenses and outgoings. There are also so many different applications and websites that you can sign up to as well. They normally offer accounting services Different ways we can keep track of expenses where you can just take a quick picture and I’ll go on the file for the account as well as creating and sending invoices and also reminders when you’re chasing invoices that need to be paid.

keeping organized is one of the biggest things that businesses struggle with and starting out invoices will be all over the place you won’t be keeping templates of documents properly, You can end up with stuff everywhere and struggling to find things which can cause issues like when you come to do your tax returns and you don’t know anything is that you need so using a system that can help you organize with you documents, spreadsheets and invoices is a great tool. Google Drive is a great and free tool that a lot of business owners use. With most free things that are limits so you won’t be able to know the limit and check it so you don’t go over and can make sure all your documents are safe and get rid of any that you don’t need in there anymore so you can bring up some space. 

If you know you are going to get through a lot of items for your business, like stickers, packaging, or any other branded items you need, the best thing you can do is buy them in bulk. If you know you will use it if you buy more it will work out a lot cheaper in the long run and therefore save you money. If you’re not ready for an office or space for your business either use an empty space in your home, whether that is the garage, a spare room, or even a little nook in the conservatory. By working from home for as long as you can comfortably you will save a lot of outgoings on things like rent, bills, and insurance. 

Another great way in which you can help run your business better is by setting up a part of your business that brings in passive income. This means that you have income coming in without having to do anything. There is some work to create what you are offering people but once it is done you no longer need to do anything, you don’t need to make, ship, or track it. A good option for this is with digital products. Something like this would be an E-book, if you are in marketing it could be teaching other small businesses how to market themselves, or if you are in finance it could be how to save money and make it work for you better. You are selling your expertise. Creating a loyal and engaging community online will help boost things as e-books sell. Then as these things bring in extra money in the background you can focus on other parts of the business that need your attention without having to worry about funds or lack thereof.

These are all great ways in which you can implement them into your business to help things run better, smoother and just work for you until you are in the position to expand and hire.  

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