Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Changing Your Career In Your 40s

 So you’ve reached a new milestone in your life. You might be headed into your 30...40 somethings and you’re thinking about a change.

For many, this may mean a new job or taking a few classes. Some moms may be in existing careers but need to think of new ways to expand horizons and create new or passive sources of income and this is where life can get really interesting...and daunting, very quick.

But, it can never be the wrong time to evaluate where you’re at and try to adapt to your current situation or life plan.  


Changing your career or even starting one at any stage of life can be a terrifying prospect. It means giving up on the familiar, the comfortable and uprooting everything you may have thought you knew about who you are.

So the first thing you might want to do is change your way of thinking.  Before anything can be accomplished, you first have to believe that you are worthy of change and worthy of a new career.  The power of thought is amazing and we’re only just beginning to understand how powerful it is.

Be practical. Tailor your new career plan towards natural abilities and not just towards aspects that you find interesting.  Now, the “sweet spot” is being able to find a happy match of both of those elements, but in the absence of your dream job that ticks all of the boxes it’s not a bad idea to settle on a new path that has you operating in your natural sphere - with a good dose of the “nice to have.”

Take encouragement from knowing that you have years of experience to draw on and that as a career-changer in your late 40s, you have a more solid practise and life experience to offer than a younger competitor. Make sure that your resume reflects this - you can get really good advice about taking on this task on the internet. So do your homework too.

You may also want to consider “non-alternative” career options that are rooted in new online ventures or creative industries. These are ever-changing and require more visionary skills as opposed to college qualifications, and in this way, you’ll also find a way of knowing how to avoid student loans and embark on your new career without the burden of $100k worth of debt.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more and more women in their 40s, 50s and even beyond are embarking on “Comeback Careers” and as those operating in the workplace are being expected to work longer to compensate for increased life expectancies, so too are more organisations finding good reasons to recruit from this age group.


More and more companies from “future-proof” industries are recruiting women in their 40s and there are great reasons for doing this. This means that with a little effort on your part and some decent, quality research you could find your way to changing your life in new and exciting ways.

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