Tuesday, August 24, 2021

6 Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen Without Spending A Fortune

 The kitchen is known as the heart of the home and can be one of the biggest challenges to change. But what if you can’t look at the dated cabinets anymore without wanting to scream? Well, if you can’t afford a full upgrade, there are some things you can do to change things up and make it a lot better for you and your family.

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Paint the cabinets

This idea is best done on proper wooden cabinets but it is entirely possible to paint veneer too. If you have good quality cabinets, you can give a little sand and a good coat of paint. The veneer can be painted too but there is a good chance it will peel after a while. That being said, it will help to tide you over until you can afford a new kitchen. Painting the cabinets can inject new life into the kitchen and save you a lot of money on upgrading it.


If you like the colour of the cabinets, you could change things up by changing the handles on the front of the cabinets. Handles are easy to change and can be picked up for cheap. This is a great chance to think outside the box and use different handles from the normal kitchen options. Glass handles that are supposed to be for bedroom furniture can make the kitchen a bit more glamorous, or you could go with a fun shape such as a bat or a star. The possibilities are endless!


This option depends on what type of countertop you currently have. If you have a decent stone countertop, you might want to skip this step. However, if you really hate the color or have the veneer type of countertop, you could consider investing in a new one. There is a range of quartz countertop colors available so you can choose a color to suit your style. Quartz countertops can also be reasonably priced compared to a lot of other stone tops so it may be worth your while shopping around to see what you can get.


The appliances that you have in your kitchen can be one of the most important things that you own. Don’t believe us? Just think back to the time that your washing machine broke down, or when you realised that the cheap replacement dishwasher was a stupid investment because it didn’t wash the dishes. The appliances are important but you don’t need to switch them out all at once. Start with the most important item to you, or the most broken, and start changing items. This might take you some time but even taking baby steps like this can have you closer to the kitchen of your dreams.


One of the biggest factors that can ruin your kitchen is the storage, especially if you need a stored cupboard for your kids. Sometimes, you need to think outside the box on how to make the most out of your storage space. And this can require a lot of planning and switching things about. Make use of every space that you have available, and use cute storage boxes to help it look tidy. If you need to, use the tops of cupboards to store things and have a little ladder handy so you can reach things safely.

Change the tableware

What state are your cups and plates in right now? Are they in good shape with a matching set? Or are they mismatched hand me downs that are chipped? If you have chipped plates, you need to give them a good clean and fix up those chips because they can harbour germs. If you can’t fix them, you will need to toss them. Investing in some new plates and cups can help make your kitchen feel new, even if you have done nothing to it. The same rule should be applied to cutlery and glassware. However, if you have favorite pieces that you can’t seem to part with, then don’t. Ask yourself if it brings you joy, and if it does, keep it. If it doesn’t, then it is time it went in the bin or the recycling.

These are some of the basic things you can do in your kitchen that can make the space feel different and new. Sure, you could rip everything out and start fresh if you have the money. But if you don’t, these steps can help to change things in a way that you might think twice about fitting a new kitchen.

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