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Love Sports? 8 Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Passion

 Most people separate their finances from their love of sports. But, as this post will demonstrate, that’s a mistake. It turns out that there are numerous entrepreneurial options for those who love watching football or basketball. 

When it comes to sports, the majority of people play the numbers game. They discount the idea of ever getting involved with it financially, since achieving success is so difficult. Only around 1 percent of players ever make serious income from their sporting activities. 

Stats like this have an annoying habit of pooping on people’s dreams. But, as you’ll learn in this post, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t necessarily have to become a bona fide sports star to make money from sports. There are plenty of other people around the headline names raking in the cash and doing a pretty good job of it. 

The problem is that the majority of people don’t know where to look. When it dawns on them that they are never going to be a high-flying sports personality, they begin to look for opportunities in other careers, like insurance. But that may be premature. The reality is that the sports industry is enormous and there are all sorts of opportunities to get into it and succeed. 

Write A Sports Blog

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You don’t have to play sports to make money. If you’re more of an intellectual type of person, then just writing about them can yield tremendous success. 

Sports blogs let you really explore ideas and get down into the nitty-gritty details of the games that you cover. You could talk about the private lives of NFL coaches or provide commentaries on player valuations. In fact, you could write about anything that your audience finds interesting. Then, all you need to do is monetize the blog and it could potentially provide you with a healthy side income. 

Sell Sponsorships

If you have a lot of contacts in sports and a large personal network, you might want to try selling sports sponsorships as a middleman. The idea here is to connect brands with teams or players and facilitate relationships. Remember, most companies have no idea who they should approach for deals so it is your job to sell them on the concept. If you can bring two compatible organizations together, you can earn substantial commission and walk away with pretty decent profits. 

Do Meal Prep For Athletes

Athletes know a lot about their sports, but most of them don’t have a clue when it comes to nutrition. They will often throw together dull meals they think are healthy to try to get lean. 

If you have cooking skills and you know how to make healthy food that assists their recovery, then doing meal prep for busy athletes is a great idea. Promote yourself as a chef who prepares healthy foods and then works with individuals and teams to support their nutrition needs. Where possible, post client reviews and talk about your success stories. Athletes are always looking for ways to improve their performances and nutrition is currently underexplored by most players.

Manage Sports Team Social Media Accounts

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Managing sports social media accounts is a glamorous digital marketing job that allows you to represent some big names. Most teams don’t have the skills in-house to reach out to the public via these platforms. But if you have experience in this field, then you can help them. This way, you can promote their brand and increase their fan base. 

Remember, there are a lot of teams looking for professionals who can expand their presence on social media. If you can get a dozen teams as clients, then you can potentially represent sports teams all day and get the inside scoop before anyone else. 

Go Into Sports Photography

Sports photography is a massive industry, yet relatively few photographers actually discuss it. Websites and sports publications continuously demand high-quality shots of players for publishing in their magazines. 

Sports photography is high-intensity work. You can’t afford to take your eye off the ball for a split second. But it is also incredibly rewarding when you get a shot that nobody else was quick enough to take. 

Sports photography is an art form. It’s something that you can hone and refine over time. Eventually, you will learn instinctively how to capture the perfect action shots of players that will encourage fans to read articles and explore their favorite sports further. 

To start in sports photography, you’ll first need to purchase the necessary equipment (which can be quite expensive). You’ll then need to get gigs at local games to prove your skills. Don’t take work unless you know for sure that you have the skills to create beautiful images for publications. 

Start A Live YouTube Commentary Channel

Thanks to modern technology, anyone can now provide commentary services live to fans. While the mainstream channels already do this, many sports enthusiasts want to hear different perspectives. If you are a big sports fan, you can provide this.

You’ll find that your commentary isn’t particularly good at the start. But it won’t be long before you really get into it and provide the type of coverage that your audience wants. At first, you may only have a handful of viewers. But over time, your channel will grow and the algorithm will figure out that you are providing people with value. 

Commentary is best for people who feel comfortable being in front of the camera. Usually, you won’t be able to talk over live broadcasts of sports event pictures. So most YouTube commentators simply place their video cameras in front of them and speak directly to their audiences. You can also provide a radio service, but these tend to be less popular among modern sports fans. 

Create Sports Highlights Videos

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You can also monetize your YouTube account another way: by creating sports highlights videos. As sports content evolves, more and more fans want to see the juiciest parts of their sports. Viewers with shorter attention spans don’t want to sit through entire games where there might only be one or two memorable moments. 

If you look on YouTube right now, you will find hundreds of fan-created highlight videos. These usually have a theme and then show clips from matches that correspond to it. For instance, YouTube has dozens of Lionel Messi tribute videos showcasing his remarkable footballing skills. 

Sports highlight videos are essentially a good way to monetize a YouTube channel for relatively little money. Create a compelling video title, collect a bunch of clips and then put them together to tell a story. You’ll quickly rack up views. 

Help Athletes Find New Careers

Most athletes continue practising their sports until they are around 30 to 35 or so, and then they move on. But where do they go? And who helps them?

That’s where professional athlete career transition coaches come in. These professionals help high-flying stars find new work opportunities once they stop playing sports. 

Many athletes who excel on the sports field struggle to move their lives in positive directions once their careers come to an end. Without the discipline provided by their professional careers, they can begin to lack motivation. Your goal is to help them uncover skills that they didn’t know they had and find real financial value for them. And because most top-flight athletes have a lot of money, you can charge high fees and make a fortune yourself. They will gladly pay for your help. 

So, which of these sports-related activities will you use to make money? 

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