Friday, September 17, 2021

5 Must Have Winterproof Items For Your Baby

 The change from winter into autumn and summer brings so many wonderful new opportunities for your new baby and there are so many fabulous “firsts” to look forward to. First time in the snow, first time on a toboggan, and first time in those beyond adorable winter baby outfits. 

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Now, not all “blankies” are created equal and for the winter you want to make sure that your baby has the very best. Blankets that trap heat all while remaining soft and easy to touch will help not just keep baby warm, but create that all-important “security blanket” status that all babies (and adult humans for that matter) thrive under. Think about blankets made from high-quality fabrics like cotton, bamboo rayon, fleece, and gauze. Remember that babies don’t have a fully developed temperature regulation system yet, so you want to make sure that your blankets breathe and don’t trap moisture.


Not just intended to provide appropriate amounts of warmth for your child during the cold winter months, but also as an added security and safety measure. Generally speaking, coats and car seats don’t mix and in an accident or emergency, you don’t want belts or dangling bits of coats or jackets getting stuck on belts or safety buckles on a car seat. So a car seat cover means it’s not necessary to “drown” your child in layers of clothing to try and keep them warm. We can’t stress the safety element though, you don’t want to have to spend any time at all over and above what you need to when things go wrong, something to keep on your “thinks about it” list.


If you can only afford to “splurge” on one pair of booties, then make them the best possible pair that you can afford because make no mistake, your child will be wearing these a lot during the winter. They’re super comfortable, go up above the ankle, and provide great coverage besides. 


We LOVE undershirts for babies because they help keep moisture away from the skin, keeping baby drier and more comfortable but you can also give them to your older kids to use. Sure they do provide a layer of extra warmth, but their best benefit comes down to how they allow for the skin to breath underneath all of those other layers which in turn helps your body regulate its temperature.


The baby lounger is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s soft, super gentle, and helps create a “security space” around your baby turning nap time into a subliminal experience. They can be easily carried around and they are so warm and so cuddly, you’re going to wish you had one in “adult human size”. They’re also incredibly cost-effective, upping the “durable” stakes some.  You’re going to love seeing your tiny human deep in slumbered bliss in these.

We’re always fans of making sure that whatever you do for you, works within your budget so don’t stress if you can’t afford the “top of the range” options that many online baby stores are going to want to throw at you. Rather, take the time to do a bit of research and then price what you discover against each other in the same category.  Money matters especially in the lead up to the holidays.

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