Monday, September 6, 2021

7 Inexpensive Ways To Boost Your Child's Literacy Skills



Are you looking to improve your child’s literacy skills? Well you’re in luck, there are so many ways that you can do this, (and you don’t have to break the bank)!

1 . Visit The Library

It doesn’t cost a thing to visit the library and borrow some wonderful kids' books. If you want to improve your child’s literacy skills, aim to take them to the library regularly. Help your child to discover the kind of books they like, focusing on the themes that interest them, whether it’s animals, sports, or magic.

Explore the children’s activities at the library, your local library might offer storytelling events, movie days, or singalongs?

2. Reading Apps

Looking for an inexpensive way to improve your child’s literacy skills? There are lots of free and inexpensive reading apps that can help you. When you’re using apps remember to give your child regular breaks. Technology can be incredibly useful, however, kids need to get a break from the screen. A few great kid’s apps for reading and literacy include:

  • Homer Learn & Grow.

  • ABC Mouse.

  • Reading Raven

  • Hooked On Phonics.

  • Word Magic.

3. Reading Together

To boost your child’s literacy skills you should read together as often as possible. Encourage your child to read to you, and read them stories daily. Talk about the books, write down new words, and discuss the meaning behind the stories. Studies show that children who read more often have better mental health compared to those kids who read less. There are so many benefits of reading with your child, such as:

  • Reading can help little kids to develop plenty of skills from empathy to emotional maturity and patience.

  • Learn new words and read about different cultures.

  • Develop the imagination, and get ideas for their own stories.

  • Improve spelling ability, and learn about use of grammar.

  • Nonfiction reading and support various other school subjects.

4. Act Out Books 

Acting out our storybooks is a great way to improve vocab skills, learn about new themes, and nurture the imagination. You might use props and costumes or simply imagine. If your child enjoys performing, they might even like to try a drama class? Acting and performing is an excellent way to boost literacy skills and encourage creative children. If you need a little inspiration for games, check out 6 Writing Games To Help Kids Learn To Write And Have Fun Doing It.

5. Special Exhibitions

Consider looking for special exhibitions in your town, you might find some museums that have literacy exhibitions for kids. Museums and art exhibits are a great way to learn new things, and help your child to discover their interests. Alternatively, you might look for children’s literacy workshops around your town. The school holidays are a particularly good time to find extracurricular workshops. Allow your child to lead the decisions, ask them which kinds of activities they’d be interested in.

6. Make Your Own Books

Encourage your child to write stories, and use arts and crafts materials to make your own books. Kids love this activity, and it’s a great way to spend quality time together. If your child is little you may need to help them write down their ideas. Bookmaking is a super fun activity that focuses on using plenty of different skills. It doesn’t have to be expensive, all you need is some paper and a few craft materials.

There are lots of ways to make art inspired by books, whether it’s drawing, painting, or making masks. Focus on your child’s favorite characters and help them to practice their imaginative skills.

7. Podcasts For Kids 

Need a few more ideas? There are lots of great podcasts which are themed around literacy activities for kids and their parents. To get you started, check out these:

Reading With Your Kids: This podcast is about helping parents to read more with their children, as well as focusing on other activities, from cooking with your kids to making movies with your kids.

Kids Ask Authors Podcast: During these episodes, kids get to ask questions to the authors of their very favorite books. Each week, Grace Lin invites a kid's author onto her show, to answer questions.

Unspookable: These podcast episodes focus on the mysteries and histories behind famous scary stories. Kiddies will just love exploring these chilling tales, from Charlie Charlie to Bloody Mary and Ouija Boards, (the podcast is recommended for ages 8+).

Using these seven simple tips you’ll be able to support your child’s literacy skills, from educational days out to cool podcasts, there are so many options. There are plenty of ways you can support your child to start reading, and improve over time.

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