Thursday, September 23, 2021

How To Create The Perfect Family Living Room On A Budget

 Your living room is likely one of the spaces where you will spend most of the time with your family, whether you are watching your favorite Netflix series together or planning your next weekend adventures. As a result, not only is it important that your living room is functional, it has to look good too. This means that it might be time to start redecorating! 

However, the costs associated with decorating mean that many of us put it off until the last possible moment. As a result, we are stuck spending time in a space that leaves us feeling down, stressed, or even frustrated. Fortunately, it does not have to be that way.

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

With that in mind, here are some top tips on how you create the perfect family living room on a budget! 

  • Decide your budget ahead of time. Before you begin the decorating process, it is important that you figure out how much you can spend without landing yourself in a difficult financial situation. After all, how will you remain in budget if you aren’t even sure what your budget is? As such, you must be as specific as possible when it comes to budgeting. For example, once you have a confirmed figure in mind - try to figure out how you will divide this across each of the tasks you must complete. 

  • Buy your furniture second-hand. New furniture often comes with a hefty price tag. However, you can make your money go further by buying second-hand items. This process has been made even easier due to online groups such as Facebook Marketplace, where you can quickly search for new furniture and buy it at a fraction of the original price. 

  • Shopping online. While it is nice to visit show homes and furniture shops to look for inspiration, buying items in stores can sometimes be more expensive. As a result, you should also be sure to check out reputable online stores when redecorating too. For example, you can now buy flush living room ceiling lights online - keeping your home bright on a budget.

  • Declutter & resell. Decluttering and decorating often go hand in hand, especially as you will likely have to clear out your living room before you start to redecorate. However, whether you are getting rid of furniture or trinkets, this does not mean that you have to let them go to waste. For example, you can resell them to earn a little extra cash. Furthermore, redecorating is a great way to organize your home.

  • Do it yourself. Hiring decorators can be expensive, especially if you have a limited budget set aside for your renovations. However, this does not mean that redecorating is out of the question. You just need to be prepared to get your hands dirty. For example, there are many tasks you can carry out yourself with minimal fuss. For example, you can easily repaint the walls of your living room - just be sure to set aside dust sheets ahead of time to ensure the paint goes on the walls and the walls alone. 

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