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7 Easy Home Remodeling Ideas to Transform Your Property

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Are you thinking of doing a home remodel? If yes, then there are some ideas that can help transform your home, making it look incredibly gorgeous. And the best part about these ideas is that they don’t have to be expensive. 

It’s important to emphasize that you can actually remodel on a budget. This is because many people often assume that they need a lot of money to remodel their home and turn it into the cynosure of all eyes.  

All it takes to carry out these major updates on your home is a bit of creativity and a can-do attitude. That being said, let’s get right to it. 

Start With the Exterior

Here’s a quick question: does your home still look great as you approach it when you’re coming back from a walk, an errand, or at the end of a long day?  

If it does, it’s probably because the paint is still great. But if it does not, then you need to consider updating the exterior by repainting it or adding some wall cladding. 

Another great way to update your exterior is by changing your mailbox design and the number to a different font. Also, remember to change the front door to one with a modern door design. 

But if you can’t afford a new entrance door, just refresh the door with bright-colored paint. And, you can do the painting yourself too even if you’ve never done it before. Just look up some painting tutorial videos on Youtube and you’ll be set. Small modifications like this can largely improve how your home looks from the outside. 

Update the Home’s Fixtures

Your door knobs or handles, ceiling lights, bookshelves or bookcases, drapery rods, ceiling fans, faucets, shower heads, taps, and many more are considered fixtures. If they’re old or their designs look old, it’s time to replace them or upgrade them. 

For example, if you still have a brass door handle or knob, you might want to upgrade it to a modern nickel-brushed type that’s more contemporary. The same goes for your ceiling fans and bookcases. As for your bookcases or shelves, you should just apply a touch of paint to take care of the scuffs and other marks brought on by aging. 

However, if you can change those, by all means, do so. Pay attention to your kitchen and bathroom fixtures. How old are those kitchen faucets? If they look old, then they are. Thankfully, these don’t cost a lot to replace, plus they’re super-easy to install. The same applies to your bathroom fixtures and more. 

Carry out a Kitchen Remodel

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Your kitchen is the centerpiece of the home. A gorgeous kitchen always adds class and elegance to a home. So, see how you can remodel the kitchen on a budget –admittedly, this is somewhat difficult to do, but it can be done. 

Pay attention to your kitchen countertop. If it’s looking dated, worn, or chipped, see if it can be repaired and restored to its previous glory. However, if it’s not, you should consider changing it to a quartz countertop. These are much more durable and less prone to breakdown. Plus, they look absolutely fantastic. 

But if you don’t have the budget right now, and just need to make your countertop look great, consider buying and installing faux granite or quartz countertops. Also known as laminate or formica countertops, these cost between $150 and $300 to buy and install. And they look really nice too, but they won’t last as long as the real thing.   

If you need help check out the ultimate guide to your professional kitchen remodel. This provides kitchen remodel ideas that cut across all budgets and price spectrums. Also, remember to reface, repair, or replace your kitchen cabinets.

Upgrade the Bathroom

If your bathroom is looking dated, then you might just want to change the wall tiles, maybe swap the old bathtub for a newer, more elegant model, or just change your bathroom’s settings. 

If you are currently on a budget, we strongly recommend just sprucing up the bathroom by cleaning out the grout using tile cleaners. These work deep into the crevices of bathroom tiles and completely remove the gunk. 

Then, change the shower heads, knobs, and faucets. You might also want to thoroughly clean the bathroom sinks too. Another great solution to improving how your bathroom looks is resurfacing or refinishing the bathtubs, wall tiles, and sinks. 

Paint the Interior

A fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper transforms even a drab-looking home into a beautiful and warm home. It’s your choice. Whatever you do though, use modern or contemporary paints, and change the colors too. 

You will be tempted to stick with the same colors of the house because that’s what you’re used to. Don’t do that. Just change to modern color schemes. These are beautiful and can make your home look brand new.

Add Some Accents to the Home

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This could be in the form of an outdoor area that’s fitted with rugs, chairs, throw pillows, a porch swing chair/bench, or even just a couple of rocking chairs. This is usually best if you have a porch or a deck in front and/or to the side of the house.

Speaking of accents, you need to improve your curb appeal too. Trim all bushes and hedges, mow the lawns, prune or cut the trees, pressure-wash the pavement, or do some pavement coating. Whatever you do, just make sure that your home looks amazing as you approach it.

Change or Replace Your Lighting

Lighting plays a role in the beauty of your home. And while incandescent bulbs have been around forever, LED energy-efficient bulbs are all the rage now. They are highly energy-efficient, cheaper to buy, and cost a lot less money to use. 

Ironically, they are brighter than incandescent and halogen bulbs. In fact, homes with LED lighting tend to look more beautiful than those without it. The good news is there are many LED bulb designs with varying brightness

Done correctly, these lights can accentuate your home’s interior décor, making it look even more warm, welcoming, and gorgeous.

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