Thursday, November 18, 2021

Preparing Your House For Christmas Decorations

 Are you a big Christmas fan? Of course you are - it’s hard not to be! And we all know that Christmas planning starts months before the actual day comes along, but the one thing we can’t prepare in advance for is the decorations. After all, you don’t want them going up in July! 

So we have to wait until December rolls around before we deck the halls with bells and wreaths and tinsel and a bit of fake snow. But before you put up your decorations, you’ve got a bit of prep work to do to ensure your efforts look amazing. And to help you out with cleaning the home out for Christmas, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

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Clearing Out the Tree Space

This is the first thing to do, of course, seeing as the tree is usually first to go up. However, in clearing this space out, you’ve got to find somewhere else for all the items to go. So the first thing to do is get yourself a storage box. 

Make sure it’s big enough to put small and medium items in, and then store this box where you’d usually keep the decorations. It’s a simple switch around for the month! You should also think about the tree size - get a tree that’s at least half a foot away from your ceiling for best tree topper results. 

Clean Your Windows

You’re going to be using your windows a lot during the Christmas season, simply because window decals, tinsel, and even festive drapes can be hung up for an extra special bit of decoration. However, before you do add any of these to your festive living space, you’re going to have to clean the windows! 

To make this easier on you, think about investing in a window cleaning robot that can do all the hard work for you, especially across the top floor. Not to mention that cleaning the windows should be a part of a winter cleaning checklist anyway, thanks to just how dirty they can get during this time of month. 

Decide Where String Lights Will Hang

And then we come to building the layout of your home’s decorations. But why do we start with the lights? Because they’re the frame of your Christmas decking plans, and the rest of your Christmas scene is designed around them. You’ll also need to account for the electricity they’re going to use up while they’re on. 

Of course, you’re going to be covering the tree in lights, but what about the top of your walls, and maybe even the base near the floorboards? What about across the ceiling, or draped up the stairs? Put together a little plan right now; the way the lights sparkle across the rest of your decorations makes a lot of difference in how impactful it all looks.

You’re feeling like your home is all ready for Christmas, but are you sure you’ve accounted for the decorations properly? 

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