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5 Bad Real Estate Investments You Should Avoid


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Real estate investment is becoming more and more popular as a way to make money. Investors are always looking for places where the value of land has decreased and is worth less than what they would pay if they were to purchase it now. This is when they see an opportunity for themselves to purchase that property and then sell it later on for a profit.

For example, if the property they're purchasing now costs $100,000 and there's speculation that in 2 years, it will be worth $150,000, then those investors would be able to turn a profit of $50,000 by selling it in two years. 

However, this is just speculation, and since you're working with an ever-changing housing market, some real estate investments can be bad. Here are five examples of bad real estate investments you should avoid if you're thinking about becoming a serious investor:


Timeshare investments are often considered bad because of the high upfront costs, which dissuade many would-be investors. A timeshare is a type of investment property, but it is different from others. It shares the same risks and rewards as other assets, but it also has an additional cost if you want to maintain your ownership.

The cost for upkeep and maintenance is also high. Therefore, timeshares are not considered great investments because they have high costs and low returns. It can also be very difficult to get out of a timeshare if you ever want to leave.

 Fortunately, there are services that can help you get out of such a situation, and you can search cancel Hilton timeshare or another timeshare to find one that can help you get out without an issue. 

Negative Cash flow 

A property generating a negative cash flow means that the cost of maintaining and operating it is more than the value of income generated from rents. A property with a negative cash flow will be a difficult investment to maintain and will likely be sold off at a loss.

A negative cash flow investment generates less income than the monthly cost of running it. This means that there will be no profit at all. For example, if you're paying $2,000 every month for your rental property but only bringing in $1,500 per month - then you have a negative cash flow investment.

Development Investments 

Developments are not bad investments for some people, but there are many risks associated with them. The biggest risk is the timing of the development completion. For example, suppose someone invests in a development project with a 20% down payment and 80% financing. If the construction is not completed on time, then this person will lose their investment.

Developers often underestimate the costs of completing their projects on time and overestimate how much they can sell their properties. Investors need to be careful when investing in developing projects because there are too many risks.


While condos are seen as a good investment for some, there is a reason why they are on the list for bad real estate investments. Some people are under the impression that condos are safer than other properties.  

They believe this property type is less likely to lose value or depreciate, but this is not true. Condos are no different from other residences in the sense that they face many of the same risks associated with real estate investments.

In fact, many see condos as a bad investment in real estate because they don't appreciate in value the same way that single-family homes do. Condos are also difficult to resell, so it can be hard to get your money back when you need to sell.

Overseas Property

Overseas properties are seen as a bad investment because of the country's economic situation. For example, if the U.S. dollar is weak, then it will be difficult for foreign investors to make money on their overseas investments.

Overseas properties are often expensive and relatively distant from your home country, which can make it difficult to sell the property when you're ready to. Furthermore, owning overseas property can be considered an act of patriotism in some countries, which means the buyer needs to be aware of the politics and culture of the country they are purchasing in.

Bottom Line 

These are just a few examples of bad investments, and it's essential that if you decide to become an investor that you do the research, you need to make informed investments and not get trapped in any pitfalls that can get you in trouble. 

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