Thursday, December 16, 2021

Before You Take On Employees Be Clear On The Important Stuff

 The chances are that when you launched your little business, you never imagined it would be so successful that you would need to take on team members, and yet here you are thinking about adding extra people to your crew. 

While the concept of building a team is extremely exciting, it’s important to be clear about a few things first. As an employer, you will have a lot of important things to think about and focus on, you also will be in charge of a team of people, and naturally you want to set the right precedent for all of that. 

If you’re going to take on a team, it’s important that you understand how to be a good employer and what your team members will need from you in that capacity. It’s not just about paying your team a salary, it’s about thinking about what else you can offer each and every one of them. 

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Keen to learn more about taking on a team of employees? Have a read of this first and get a better understanding of the ins and outs of being a good employer. 

Treat everyone as equals 

Yes, you’re in charge as it’s your business but that doesn’t mean that you can treat people however you like, because that isn’t the case. If you want to be the type of employer that your team members appreciate, you need to ensure that you treat everyone as your equals. 

A big mistake many business owners make is assuming that they can treat their employees however they like and see no consequences as a result of this. You will find if you treat your team members with kindness and respect, that you will get a lot more out of them. 

Recognise achievement 

If you want to ensure that you have a high level of employee retention, it’s important that you ensure that your team knows you value and respect them. Recognising their achievements, both big and small, is an important aspect of making sure that your team members feel like their skills, knowledge and experience are valued by you. 

It’s important to take employee recognition seriously, as part of your company structure, from your own recognition of your team members and their hard work, to peer recognition for other team members. Even if it’s just something small, if you feel it’s worth praise, praise it. 

Listen to your team 

One of the worst mistakes any business owner can make is failing to listen to their team. If you want to be the kind of employer who is appreciated, respected and trusted, make a conscious effort to always listen to your team members. 

This means giving your team the chance to speak in meetings, it means asking your employees for their thoughts on company changes, it means giving your team the chance to share their thoughts on things. It’s also taking the time to ask for and think carefully about employee feedback. Could you be doing something better, if so what is it and how can you change it? 

There you have it, a guide to a few things it’s important to be clear on before taking on a team of employees. 

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