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14 Affordable Ways To Honor Someone’s Memory


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It's never something that we really want to think about, but when we lose a loved one and it comes at a time when we have financial difficulties, it can prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The cost of the funeral, combined with the emotional hardship involved in sorting out a loved one’s estate can be too much. But we have to remember that when someone passes away, we need to honor their memory appropriately. It may prove difficult to do because of the costs. However, here are some ways to consider that don’t have to break the bank. 

An Urn

The cost of an urn can be a little too much out of people's budgets but there are many small urns we can purchase. An urn is such an important aspect of memorializing somebody, but we need to make sure that it is within our budget. 

Immortalizing Them in Writing

If you are creative, you can write a poem, short story, or even a novel using your loved one as inspiration or as the main character. You can then have this printed and framed. It's possible to self-publish it as an ebook on Amazon within a decent budget, so you can make copies available to purchase by friends or family members. You could donate the proceeds of the sales to your loved ones' favorite charity. 

Make a Documentary of Their Life

With such high-quality phone cameras, we can easily retrace our loved one’s steps and make a little movie. Recording all the places where they lived, worked, and frequented can be a great little project as a way to immortalize your loved one. 

Butterfly Release

This is an amazing memorial activity that children and adults will appreciate. Having friends and family release butterflies at a special gathering is an amazing way to honor your loved one. Butterflies are classed as a symbol of hope and it's an amazing moment that you will treasure forever. 

Create a Memorial Wreath 

Wreaths can be very expensive but you can make your own by getting an inexpensive one made from foam and attaching mementos and photos of your loved one. This is an amazing project for so many people to get involved with. 

Painting Memorial Rocks

Another excellent activity for children; grab some small rocks and paint and decorate the rocks with your loved one’s favorite quotes or just their name. Hide the rocks around local places that your loved one frequented and you can also keep tabs on how the memory travels. You could write a hashtag on the back of the rock, and share the name of a social media memorial page. 

Start a Journal

You can get a blank journal with a number of decorative elements that remind you of them and every time they come into your mind you could write down your thoughts or memories of that person. When you come back to it after a few years, it will be full of amazing memories. 

Get a Local Landmark Named After Them

If you want to memorialize them, you can talk to local officials about getting a landmark named after them. You could inquire about getting a park or a street named after them, but many people opt for benches as a little way to commemorate them. While local landmarks are usually reserved for people like veterans, it might be possible to buy the naming rights. 

Host a Fundraiser

Many people do 5K runs to honor loved ones and how they passed away, but you could go one step further and host a memorial fundraiser that honors your loved one's interests. Whether they like to play golf or dance, get a party together and donate the proceeds to your loved one’s favorite charity. 

Dedicate a Maker Space

Public libraries have maker spaces to bring more people in. So if you don't have one in your local library, you could help create one in honor of your loved one’s memory. They can cost at least $100 and, depending on how much you are willing to spend, can go into the thousands. 

Write and Record a Song

Another amazing way to memorialize someone is to create a song for them. If you are musically inclined, you can do it yourself and use recording packages on your laptop. If not, you can ask around for a local musician who could work with you to record it. You could always put it on Spotify and donate any streaming proceeds to a charity, or send it to a local radio station as a way to truly commemorate them. 

Create a Stencil

If you want to memorialize them in such a simple way, you can use your favorite photo of them and create a stencil. You can purchase glass etching supplies and create an amazing image of them that is immortalized in your property. 

A Memory-Sharing Event

Another great way for people to get together is to have an event in your garden with papers, pens, and a large jar encouraging people to write down their favorite memories and put them in the container. 

Create an Heirloom

An heirloom is a wonderful way to commemorate somebody. You can turn a piece of their furniture into a tribute by adding photographs, and you can also decoupage images onto a piece of furniture with an adhesive. This is an amazing way to start an heirloom that keeps the memory of your loved one alive. 

As it can be difficult to find the right ways to honor someone's memory if our finances are not in the best condition, we have to remember that we don't have to spend a lot of money to actually honor someone's memory. Because if you think about it from your perspective, would you really want people to completely bankrupt themselves in order to memorialize you? There are so many ways to honor someone's memory within a budget, and whether you are experiencing financial hardship or not, honoring someone is about the thought behind it, not the money you invest in it.

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