Sunday, February 20, 2022

Save Money on Moving Costs: 5 Steps to Take Before You Move

 Moving to a new place is fun, but it can also be expensive. Whether you are moving a block or two or you need to undertake cross country moving, there are many costs associated with moving. This includes the cost of hiring movers, packing supplies and boxes, and renting a truck for your belongings. If you want to save money on your move, here are five things to do before you relocate.

Book Movers As Far In Advance as Possible

Hiring movers is often one of the most expensive parts of a move. Moving companies can be expensive, so it's best to book them as soon as possible. This way, you will have time to compare prices and choose the company that suits your budget. The more lead time you give yourself, a better chance you'll find an affordable option for your move.

Move During Off-Peak Times

Moving during off-peak hours is a great way to save money. You can avoid peak costs by planning your move at a time that is not rush hour or on the weekend. Off-Peak months are between September and April. Also, off-peak hours are when many movers are available, and trucks are less expensive. The other benefit? Moving during off-peak times will have fewer delays so that you won't be sitting in traffic for hours.

Declutter So You Have Less To Move

Decluttering is a really effective way to save money on your move. When you have less stuff, it will cost less to move. You'll need a smaller truck and be able to pack lighter. This will also make packing less of a chore and take up less time. You won't have to go through all your belongings to pick out what you can live without and what is worth saving.

When you declutter, you are forced to identify items that no longer serve a purpose in your life. This makes it easier for you to get rid of the clutter in your life so you can focus on what's more important. Once you've lightened the load, it becomes easier to prepare for the move.

Even if you're not entirely sure where everything should go when you get there, decluttering will help give you an idea of what can stay with you and what needs to be left behind or donated.

Pack Yourself

One way to save money on the move is by packing yourself. You may not be able to do all of the work, but you can certainly fill some of your belongings and boxes. For example, if you are moving within your city, you could offer to pack up some of the items in your home. You could also ask friends or family members to help and then charge them for their services.

Deduct Moving Expenses From Your Taxes

One of the easiest ways to save money on your move is to deduct moving expenses from your taxes. You need to have a valid taxpayer identification number, and you'll need to keep track of all receipts. Then, when April rolls around, you can fill out Schedule A and request that the IRS deduct the expenses from your tax return.

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