Monday, September 5, 2022

6 Steps To Follow An Incident At Work

 Knowing what to do after experiencing an incident at work will ensure that you do what is necessary for your health and safety. Taking the proper steps will help you attain compensation and other support forms that can help a speedy recovery.

From why you should hire a lawyer to how to gather evidence, here are the steps to take if you experience an incident in the workplace.

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Examine anyone involved

The first step that an incident scene should take is to examine anyone involved. Any involved could have been injured; if they are, they should be assessed immediately to see if they need prompt medical support.

Call for help

If you are alone at work and experience an accident, then you should call for help. Your colleagues will help you in any way that they can. Whether filing a report, handing in a witness statement, gathering evidence, or calling an ambulance, asking someone for help will avoid making the issue worse.

Take legal action

Whether or not the incident at work was your fault, you should always ensure to take legal action. Calling the police can be necessary for some situations. 

The best legal action to take is to hire a lawyer. For instance, if you slip over on an unattended coffee spill, you should seek help from a slip and fall lawyer. Hiring the right lawyer will help you maximize the outcome of your compensation. 

Record the incident in the report book

Every workplace should have an incident report book. Locate yours immediately after a workplace accident and record the situation. Add the incident's date and time to ensure that it is accounted for correctly. 

You should also record who was there and any details of what happened. This will ensure that everyone involved can offer a witness statement, which can help with a legal claim. 

Gather evidence

Your workplace should have CCTV cameras that record or capture images throughout the day. Hence, there will be physical evidence to show what went on. Although the report book will detail the incident, physical footage is more reliable. 

You should gather the recordings to use in your claim. Plus, taking your own videos and images of the scene can help maximize the reliability of your claim. Make sure not to move anything as this can hinder your outcome.

Take time to recover

Although the company might want you to return to work immediately after a workplace incident, it might not be wise if you suffer any mental or physical trauma. Taking time off to recover is the most sensible thing to do. 

Getting notes from your doctor will ensure that you can still receive your full payment and not have to struggle financially during your recovery period. Rest as much as possible to aid a speedy and healthy recovery so that you can return to your life and work in good time. There is no point in rushing your recovery, as you might worsen your health concerns. 

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