Monday, October 3, 2022

Helfpul Tips When Teaching Your Child To Read

 Children pretty much learn how to speak all by themselves. They listen to you and view the world around them, eventually copying what you say. Unfortunately, kids aren’t born with the comprehension to read. Instead, it lies with the parents to teach them this valuable skill. Sure, school teachers will help develop this, but your kids need to know some basic reading skills before they go to school. 

The bad news is, it can be hard to teach a child to read! All kids learn at their own pace, but where do you start and how much should you help them!? It’s tough, but here are some helpful tips to aid both you and your child on this journey: 

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Teach them letter sounds

Obviously, going through the alphabet is a great way to start teaching your child to recognize letters and what they mean. However, as well as teaching them the name of each letter, ensure they know the letter sound

As an example, the letter A is pronounced Ay, but as a letter sound, it would be more like Ah. teach your child the letter sound as it helps them formulate words. If they were to look at the word ant, they’re more likely to sound it out as ant when knowing the letter sounds. If they only knew the letter names, they might think it’s pronounced Aynt - or something similar. 

Get started on phonics

Phonics is all about teaching kids to combine different letters and figure out how they sound. This is a very useful skill for an early reader to master. You take your teachings from above - let your child learn the letter sounds - and then encourage them to blend these sounds together to form words.

When you read about phonics like this, it can be hard to get your head around. But, it does get much easier the more you do it. Think about getting a phonics book set with educational resources for both teachers and learners. This will help you know how to use phonics effectively when teaching your child to read. It’ll become easier for you to understand as well, which improves your teaching. 

Incorporate word games

Gamify the learning experience is always a winner when kids are involved. Thankfully, there are endless word games out there that encourage children to develop their reading skills. These games take a lot of the concepts and ideas you teach, and places them inside a game format. 

Instantly, kids are more engaged and will likely learn a lot more than if you kept them pouring over books and texts for hours. Some simple word games help them identify letters and common words, learn how to pronounce things, and so on. You can see a selection of the best word games for kids right here

You can take these three tips as a good starting point when teaching your child to read. Of course, always be patient with them and don’t force them to learn for hours on end. Take small steps and be encouraging - make sure you reward them for their good work. If you want more detailed advice, you can look online for additional tips that help your child learn to read. 

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