Thursday, October 13, 2022

Setting the Stage: 4 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Selling


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Whether you are purchasing an older property to sell it on or you've been living in the same place for a long time and you are considering selling it, you've got to make sure you set the stage. It is crucial to prepare your home in the right way so that you give it the best chance of selling for the right amount while also giving off the best possible impression. But before you sell up or put it on the market, here are some vital things to consider. 

Addressing the Health of the Property

If you were in the shoes of somebody looking at the property for the first time, you'd have to be on the lookout for anything that could cause major problems, not just in terms of renovating the property or the costs, but the overall health of the people that live within. For example, if there are signs that your property is infested with mold, this could belie significant problems. Mold could be living within the deep dark recesses of your property and has been for years but mold removal can help make a big difference here. You also need to look at if the property has any signs of asbestos and lead-based paint, especially if your home was built prior to 1978. 

Simple Maintenance Checks

We have to remember that a lot of buyers could be put off by the idea of doing any DIY. The modern buyer is incredibly busy and does not have their weekends free to conduct simple maintenance. This is where you can make things easier and far more effective. Doing a quick maintenance check around the home and looking for little issues can make a big difference. Replacing bulbs, fixing loose door handles, and painting the walls are all little things that can make a massive difference. Many people want to just move into the property straight away, rather than opting for something that needs a little bit more TLC. 

Think About the First Impressions

A buyer will have made their decision before they even step through the door. Kerb appeal is incredibly important and first impressions are everything. Ensure that the windows are cleaned professionally and do everything you can to fix up the experience. It can be a bit of an expense, but if you're trying to upgrade the exteriors cheaply a pressure wash can make a massive difference here. All the grime and mold that has penetrated into the brickwork can be lifted with a pressure wash, making the property look fresher as a result.

Decluttering the Space

You want the place to feel like home but without your personal stamp. Decluttering the space by removing anything that can be out of place or signifies character is going to help any potential buyer picture themselves at the property. That notion of creating a blank canvas is difficult to get right, but the benefits of decluttering are many. Decluttering can make the process easier when it comes to you moving out, so you may as well get into the swing of things and remove anything that doesn't belong there anymore.

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