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What Are The Main Causes Of Back Pain?


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It is believed that 60% of the adult population are likely to experience back pain at some point in their lives. There are many different causes of back pain. Below are just some of the biggest causes, how to prevent them and how to treat them if you already experience pain.

Accidents and injuries

Various accidents and injuries including slips, falls and road accidents can lead to back pain. Such accidents and injuries are not always preventable and may be due to the negligence of other people - in these cases, it’s usually possible to hire an injury lawyer to help seek compensation. It is worth hiring a lawyer that is well established such as this one with 20 years of experience. Gaining compensation could help you to explore a range of treatment options from physiotherapy to surgical procedures if necessary. Make sure to always see a doctor if you experience back pain after an accident or injury, and consider using the RICE method immediately after to reduce inflammation. 


Osteoarthritis is a condition in which joints start to break down and become misshapen. This can lead to chronic joint pain. Osteoarthritis can occur naturally with age as a result of wear and tear, although factors like being overweight can increase the risk of developing it. Physiotherapy and pain relief medication can be used to help manage life with osteoarthritis


When we are stressed, muscles around our body tense up. If stressed for long periods, this chronic muscle tension can take its toll and result in musculoskeletal aches around the body - including the back. Taking steps to reduce stress in your life could help prevent these aches. A warm hot bath and various therapy such as massage therapy can be great for relieving stress and associated back pain. 

Weight gain

Being overweight puts pressure on your spine and is a leading cause of back pain. By keeping on top of weight gain through diet and exercise, you could help prevent back problems. Exercise is also very good for preventing muscles in the back from seizing up.


The strain of carrying a baby can cause many pregnant women to develop back pain. This may go away once the baby is born providing that you are able to shift any extra weight gained during pregnancy. If you experience back pain during pregnancy, you may be able to reduce this pain by taking a bath or booking a pregnancy massage.


There are many links between smoking and back pain. This is believed to be due to damaged arteries in the discs and joints. Artery damage in the spine is hard to treat and typically requires risky surgery. By quitting smoking, you may be able to reduce your risk of developing this form of back pain. 

Poor posture at a desk

Sitting awkwardly at a desk can also lead to back pain. If you are slumped over a desk or your body is twisted for long periods of the day, you can expect a strain on your spine. Make sure to adopt a healthy posture with your back straight and body squarely facing the desk. 

Heavy lifting

Lifting items that are too heavy or using the incorrect lifting technique can strain your back. This in turn can lead to chronic back pain. If you start to experience this pain, it’s worth trying to take a break from heavy lifting and getting some physiotherapy. Make sure to no your limits when lifting heavy items and always lift from your knees. 

Uncomfortable shoes

Wearing uncomfortable footwear regularly may also lead to back pain. This is particularly the case with high heel shoes - these shoes force our hips forward, which can then put a strain on our lower back. Don’t wear these shoes too regularly if you want to avoid foot, knee and back pain. Physiotherapy can be used to help treat back pain caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes. 

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