Friday, November 11, 2022

Creating a Wardrobe That Works for You


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Have you found yourself thinking about your wardrobe lately? Since the pandemic, many of us have found that we have plenty of loungewear, but now we’re heading out and about again, we don’t really have much to reach for when we’re getting dressed. Now is a good time to consider revamping your wardrobe, ensuring that it has all of the essentials and matches up to our personal tastes and style. Here are a few tips that can guide you on this journey, filling your wardrobe and drawers with quality pieces that will stand the test of time!

Choosing Clothes for the Season

We all experience different seasons throughout the year and it’s important that you have a range of clothes that ensure you’re covered for each and every one. All too many of us have full wardrobes, but find that we don’t have clothes that are suitable for a specific time fo year. You may have a great summer wardrobe, only to find that you barely have any boots, coats, jumpers or knitted accessories when the winter comes around. You may have all the winter essentials, but notice you struggle for shorts, skirts, light dresses or sandals when summer arrives. Having the basics for each and every season can really help you to curate a wardrobe that works year-round.

Choosing Clothes That Fit

We all change over time - and this includes our weight and body size. It’s completely normal to fluctuate within your BMI, so it’s important that you have clothes that fit. Rather than trying to change your body to fit back into jeans that you used to wear years ago, just get a new pair that you can actually feel comfortable in. Take some time to go through your current wardrobe and pack away any clothes that don’t fit. Then, replace them.  Whether that’s dropping down a size or looking into Plus Size Women’s Clothing, measure yourself and check size tables on online stores to order what will best work for you.

Consider Second Hand or Vintage

Some people love high street brands - and for good reason. There are plenty of options with choice in a range of sizes. But it is important to remember that these aren’t your only option. You can save money and pick stand out pieces that nobody else has by browsing second hand stores, charity stores and vintage stores. You can even begin to look at online options, such as auction sites like eBay and vintage or handmade platforms like Etsy. Just make sure to double check or request measurements, as vintage sizes can differ greatly from modern day sizes. Some items may be from overseas, where sizing can vary too!

Hopefully, the guidance above will help you to build a wardrobe that perfectly complements you. Each step will help you secure some clothing that really brings a smile to your face!

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