Monday, December 12, 2022

Why You Need Home Insurance

 For many people, one of the biggest factors when it comes to purchasing home insurance is that mortgage lenders will often require it. Given that it's a requirement and not an optional insurance policy, it's the only reason people tend to look into it. 

But you should reconcile with yourself that it's actually a good thing that home insurance is a requirement when you buy a house. You're about to spend a lot of money that you have spent years saving up on a home. The last thing you want to happen is to move in and then during the winter something breaks to the point you need a new roof or you have to pay somebody to redo your plumbing systems. With the correct insurance in place, you won't have to bear the brunt of these costs because they will be covered for you. 

Speaking to an expert insurance broker, you will be able to get the lowdown on exactly which insurances you need and why you need them. Going without homeowners insurance is a massive gamble and it's not one that is going to pay off. So, with this in mind here are the top reasons you really need to have it.


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  • You are covered for damage both inside and out. It doesn't matter whether your house is brand new or whether you have bought a much older property, you need to insure it so that things can be fixed when they break down without you having to break the bank to do it. If there is damage to the outside of the home such as the roof or the guttering, these can be fixed because your insurance will cover it.

  • You can cover your personal valuables. Homeowners insurance covers not just the house and structure, but your belongings inside. It also often provides current coverage for items inside your vehicle, because most home insurance policies can cover things that are stolen from your car or your truck.

  • Home insurance can also cover you for personal liability. Accidents happen, so if something happens to somebody in your home when they are fixing your roof or up there defrosting your gutters, your home insurance policy should be able to cover an accident of up to $2 million in damages depending on the insurance policy. This is not an amount you'd want to have to pay out of your own pocket, so having insurance is going to cover you in a big way.

  • You are covered in the event of a fire. Your home insurance policy is going to be able to cover you for somewhere to live temporarily when your home is being restored after a fire. Not only is your home damaged but since nobody would have noticed the fire until it's too late, it might have spread to your neighbors house. When something like that happens, you need to be able to be covered no matter what. Your home insurance policy can do that for you.

  • It will help pay your expenses. When there has been a flood, a fire or an emergency your home insurance policy will help you to pay your expenses and keep you afloat so you are not going to go into debt.


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