Monday, March 13, 2023

5 Tips To Help You Save On Your Energy Bills



Energy costs are rising rapidly and that means a lot of people are having to make difficult choices. For some, it means the decision between spending more or using less heat for their homes. Making some small changes could help you to cut down the costs of your energy bills.

Simple changes may seem like they’ll make little difference but a little difference can add up over a year. Take a look at what you need to know to make a slash in your energy bills.

Switch Off Standby

How many of your machines and devices do you leave on standby every evening when you go to bed? Perhaps you notice the lights still on your washing machine or you leave the TV on standby. Did you know that keeping your machines on standby will cost you money throughout the night?

If you turn off as many electrical points as possible before going to sleep, you could see a significant saving by the end of the year. 

Alternative Sources of Heat

If you haven’t started thinking about alternative sources of heating yet, now is the time. Turning your heating on will heat your whole house but there may be times when you only need one room heated. Investing in a fireplace could save you a lot of money on your energy bills.

You can opt for gas, electric, or wood fireplaces that can all help to cut your bills. Additionally, you can use electric heaters if you want to use portable heat.

Spend Less Time In The Shower

Most people already know to swap a bath for a shower but that doesn’t help if you’re standing in the shower for a long time. In addition to using more water than you need to, staying in the shower too long will also use too much gas for hot water. Try and limit your showers to four minutes if you can.

This will mean you aren’t spending too much money on running hot water but still get to enjoy a hot shower when you need it.

Turn Off Lights

It’s such a simple concept and yet it’s easier said than done, especially if you have children at home. Start by teaching your family about energy costs and the benefit of turning off the lights. Be sure to turn off every light when leaving a room, including lamps.

It can also help to swap your light bulbs for energy efficient bulbs. They may offer a dimmer light but they could make a difference to your costs.

Use Your Tumble Dryer Less

A tumble dryer takes a lot of energy to run. If you’re washing clothes for a family, you may feel that you need the help of a tumble dryer to keep up. However, putting one load of wet washing a day on a clothes horse instead could cut your costs.

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