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How To Encourage Your Family To Be Environmentally Friendly

 How To Encourage Your Family To Be Environmentally Friendly

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People are adopting eco-friendly elements into their homes as the world moves towards creating a greener world. You can do your bit to make this happen faster, and it starts with you and your family getting on board to preserve the planet for future generations. Eco-friendly habits and practices help decrease your carbon footprint while reducing waste and better using the world's natural resources. Although research reveals that 93% of the American way of life lacks sustainable habits, you and your family can make that change using the tips below.

  1. Reduce single-use plastics

How much plastic do you use at home? When you live with family, your use of single-use plastics could be significantly higher. Unfortunately, most of these plastics end up at landfill sites, creating even more environmental concerns. A 2019 United Nations report stated that 300 million tons of global plastic waste are from human activities, with about half being single-use plastics. Household items like plastic straws, one-time water bottles, beverage cups, plastic bags, balloon sticks, and so on can harm the environment. Thankfully, you can reduce this by avoiding or limiting your family's reliance on single-use plastics. Biodegradable paper straws are better than plastic ones, while reusable water bottles and cups are excellent for home use or other locations. Indeed, today the options are limitless because of the boost in producing eco-friendly products and materials.

  1. Using environmentally friendly insect sprays

Many households deal with insects and many types of bugs using chemicals and compounds that aren't environmentally friendly. If you look around your house now, you will likely find an insect spray that could be substituted for an eco-friendly one. These traditional sprays sometimes harm humans, pets, and the environment, explaining why you may get allergies. Meanwhile, a 2021 Environmental Protection Agency report indicated that many chemicals seep into groundwater and contaminate potential water sources. However, you can decrease the likelihood of this when you switch to plant-based bug spray and repellants. Natural plants like lemongrass are excellent insect repellants and are often safe for your skin. The natural elements in such sprays make them better and healthier substitutes. 

  1. Encourage recycling

Did you know that the US alone generates 292 million tons of solid waste annually, but only 32% is recycled? Research further reveals that 4.40 pounds of waste are produced per person in US households, and that is only in a day. That may be higher if you are a family of four or more. The solution to limiting waste in your house is reconsidering your recycling habits. Contrary to public perception, recycling habits are not hard to adopt. It takes a commitment to see through each one and ensure that your family follows suit in daily activities such as correct food disposal and composting, opting for reusable products, and so on. Unfortunately, no law is backing mandatory recycling at home, but that doesn't mean it's unimportant. Your family's recycling commitment can significantly impact the environment.

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