Thursday, May 11, 2023

5 Things That Could Put Off Your Potential Home Buyer


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So, you have decided to sell your house. That's great news! We hope you manage to get your property off the market quickly so you can move into your next home as soon as possible. 


You may have difficulty selling your property if any of the following applies.

These are just a few of the things that will put off your potential home buyer.

#1: Poor curb appeal

First impressions matter! If your garden is unkempt or if the exterior walls of your property are dirty or in need of repair, then the people who are coming to look at your home might drive away before they get a good look inside. 

As such, you should do what you can to improve your home's curb appeal. Mowing the lawn, clearing the weeds, fixing the fence, washing your windows, and power-washing the driveway are just a few of the things you can do to create a better impression of your home to potential buyers. 

#2: Bad smells

If your potential home buyers have to put a peg on their nose when they're looking around your home, you will know that something doesn't smell right! 

Before they arrive, you should use your nose to check for bad odors. It could be the smell of burnt food in your kitchen or a nasty pong coming from your cat's litter tray. There might also be a smell of damp if your pets have come in from the rain or if there is mold and mildew growing within your house. 

Do what you can to eliminate any unpleasant smells. Then follow these tips on how to make your home smell nicer

#3: Bugs and beasties and creepy crawlies

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It's impossible to keep every bug and beastie out of your home but there's a difference between one or two and a fully-fledged infestation. If your potential home buyers suddenly scream and run from your home because they have spotted mice in your kitchen or a swarm of wasps in your attic, they aren't likely to return with an offer for your house. 

If you suspect or know you have pests living in your home, which could also include cockroaches, fleas, ants, and other such creepy crawlies, you should either find ways to get rid of these yourself or hire a pest control company. This way, you won't scare any visitors away and you won't have to put up with any unwelcome house guests!

#4: Rooms in a state of disrepair

When selling, you don't have to make long-lasting repairs to every area of your home as that could prove far too costly for you. Instead, you could lower the asking price of your home a little if the buyers are happy to move into a house that needs a little bit of fixing up.

That being said, you shouldn't ignore every repair job that needs doing. Your potential home buyers don't want to move into a money pit as they will be keen to make savings too. So, to ensure they don't make an early exit after seeing rooms that are clearly in a state of disrepair, make fixes to anything that might be immediately noticeable. 

You might want to clear your home of mold, for example, or replace any broken windows, as the home buyers are likely to pick up on such issues when they tour your home.

#5: Noisy neighbors

Chances are, if you do have noisy neighbors, they could be the reason why you have decided to move in the first place! 

Unfortunately, you can't simply put your neighbors on the nearest train out of the city to keep them away from the people coming to look around your house. However, you could ask them to keep the noise down around the time of the viewing, as they may be willing to comply if you are on reasonably good terms with them.

Alternatively, arrange the viewing at a time when your neighbors aren't likely to be in, as your potential home buyers won't be put off by whatever noises the people living near to you regularly make. 


To ensure your house sells quickly, consider our suggestions before you start to show people around your home. Then consider anything we may have missed. What else could put people off your property? 

The answer to this question should be a relatively easy one as you may have noticed a few red flags when looking at properties to buy, so you will already have some idea of things that may be off-putting. Give it some thought and then do what is necessary to make your home attractive to others. 

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