Wednesday, May 3, 2023

7 Educational Toys To Help With Reading


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When encouraging kids to read, there are many toys that you can buy to help make reading more fun. Below are 7 examples of toys that you can use to supplement books when encouraging kids to read.

Letter blocks

One of the most traditional educational toys that you can buy is wooden letter blocks. Buying these toys for young kids can help them to get used to seeing certain letters. As kids get older, you can then encourage them to arrange the letters into words. 

Soft toy letters

Do your kids love soft toys? The likes of these cute stuffed letters could be great for familiarising your kids with letters early. Using collections of stuffed letters, you could even encourage them to spell out words as they get older (you could start by collecting letters that spell out their name).  

Fridge magnet letters

If your fridge isn’t already covered in magnets, you could consider buying some fridge magnet letters. Kids can play around with these to form words. Unlike some other alphabet toys in which letters can easily get lost, fridge magnet letter sets can be kept intact by making sure that they never leave the fridge. This enables you to teach kids to spell words without having to deal with missing letters. 

Alphabet jigsaw puzzles

Many kids love to build jigsaw puzzles. Alphabet jigsaw puzzles can be a great way to familiarise kids with letters and can help them understand where they sit in the alphabet. In most cases, letters are accompanied by pictures of words beginning with those letters. This can help kids to relate letters with words that contain those letters. You can find all kinds of alphabet-themed jigsaw puzzles online. 

Word card games

There are a number of word card games aimed at kids. These typically contain cards with letters on or groups of letters that can be assembled to form words. Some of these games allow you to score points by spelling out words. This could be a great incentive for some kids who love competitive games. 


Scrabble is a classic board game that involves spelling out words using letter tiles. You get scored on which letters you use and where you place them on the board. For many kids who are just starting to learn, Scrabble is likely to be a bit too complicated. There is however a kids’ version of Scrabble that is more simplified - this could be easier for younger kids to get to grips with. Scrabble can not only help kids develop reading skills, but also maths skills as it involves addition and multiplication too. 

Electronic reading toys

There are all kinds of electronic educational toys that you can buy for kids. These include toys with letter buttons that sound out the letter and toys with interactive screens that encourage kids to choose (and even draw) letters and words. For kids that gravitate towards gadgets, these toys can be a great way to motivate kids to read. Just make sure to stock up on batteries!

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