Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Pump Up Your Sabbatical with a Dash of Eccentricity

 Are you searching for ways to add some flair and eccentricity into your sabbatical experience? This piece should satisfy any desire for something extraordinary if the everyday is boring you - so buckle up and dive right in!

Photo by Andreea Petruti on Unsplash

Become an Artisanal Cheese Connoisseur in France

France, known for love, la vie bohème, and... cheese? Roll up your sleeves, don a beret, and dive headfirst into the world of artisanal cheese! From creamy Camembert in Normandy to potency Roquefort from Southern France - embark on an artisanal cheese journey! Cheese-making workshops, local farm visits, and culminating with an unforgettable cheese-tasting session at a Parisian fromagerie are just the start - your tastebuds won't ever be the same again after participating in such experiences! When you return home, your stories of cheesy adventures will surely make the room buzz with laughter!

Pan for Gold in Canada's Wild West 

Bring out your wide-brimmed hat; we are headed north into Yukon - Canada's own Wild West. Did you ever think your sabbatical could turn you into an avid gold digger? No? Why not! Spend your days knee-deep in sparkling rivers, swirling your pan through rocks and silt to pan for gold - who knows, maybe one or more shiny nuggets await discovery? Once the sun goes down, gather around a campfire with fellow prospectors to share tales of gold panning - you may leave with more than just memories but an Alaskan tan, vial of dust, and stories to tell. Remember: all that glitters isn't necessarily gold; it could also be part of your memorable sabbatical experience!

Explore the Underworld: Caving in New Zealand

Let's travel across the Pacific and experience New Zealand, which boasts beautiful landscapes like its land of the Long White Cloud. Let's move underneath these idyllic sights for a moment to go caving underground! Waitomo Glowworm Caves provide an enthralling journey into an illuminated underwater realm reminiscent of something out of a science fiction novel. Explore dark caverns illuminated only by thousands of tiny glowworms lighting the ceilings - an experience like no other! Waitomo offers something to satisfy every adventurer - from peacefully floating along underground rivers to an adrenaline rush with black water rafting! Whatever your preference, Waitomo offers something suitable. As soon as you emerge from the depths, with clothes soaked and heart racing, memories of an unforgettable underground galaxy will flood back. Kiwi landers refer to this momentous occasion as your "sweet as" moment! No trip to New Zealand would be complete without meeting one or more of these unique glow-in-the-dark creatures!

Join a Monastic Community in Bhutan

Step away from everyday stressors and immerse yourself in Bhutan's peaceful mountains for an inspiring Buddhist monastic community experience - Land of the Thunder Dragon. At our forth eccentric adventure, we introduce you to a world of introspective solitude - joining a Bhutanese monastic community. Devoid of the incessant demands and noisy distractions of modern life, this experience provides you with a chance to engage in mindfulness practices, consider life's profound questions and potentially discover your own form of Zen. Time can often seem fleeting in our world of constant distraction, yet here you will be encouraged to stop, breathe and simply be. Perhaps this could even be your 'Eat, Pray, Love' moment without all of the pasta pounds! Not everyone may appreciate a visit to Bhutan's peaceful monasteries; but those willing to embrace the experience may find a stay there could provide just the spiritual boost you were searching for. So are you ready to exchange your smartphone for a prayer wheel?

Conclusion: Welcome the Eccentric

So there you have it, courageous souls! The world is your oyster when it comes to exotic experiences that can make your sabbatical truly extraordinary. Remember that life is too short to settle for mundane adventures; embrace eccentric experiences - because why not?

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