Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Top Posts of 2013

It seems like just yesterday, Lauren and I were joking about starting a blog. We've had so much fun these past few months (and learned a LOT--we promise MHM will keep getting better). We can't thank you enough for helping us by reading, pinning, and sharing. Our monthly views have grown 300% since we launched our blog in August. For 2014, we'll be providing more personal finance tips and fun projects. Keep the comments coming--we're always looking for feedback for topic ideas.

In case you missed any of our top posts for 2013, here they are. Even though our "fun stuff" posts are usually the most popular, we'll never abandon our goal to help everyone become more financially prepared and money savvy because it's something we're passionate about. We like to think of our "Fun Thursday" posts as the medicine that helps the "Money Monday" posts go down. :) Thanks for sticking with us!

1. DIY Fabric Headboard
2. DIY Ornament Wreath
3. How to Host a My Favorite Things Party
4. Saving for Kids' College Education
5. 10 Money Making Jobs for the Stay-At-Home Mom
6. 3 Easy Ways to Make a Room Brighter
7. Best Birthday Freebies
8. How to Survive When Your Toddler Breaks His Leg

Any specific topics you want us to cover in 2014?


  1. I would appreciate a post about investing. With our budgeting/saving system we have multiple accounts and we'd like to put some of the bigger/longer-term savings into some sort of investment account. I would find it helpful if you could explain the various options--and I know that is huge-- and pros and cons of different types of investments. Specifically, how to judge whether or not it's smart to do a high risk investment or a low risk, getting past the basic idea that it's just your own preference and what you are willing to risk. Does that make sense?
    Anyway, congratulations on all of the growth! And thanks for sharing your tips and advice for free! I feel like this is a trusted source of information from two smart ladies who understand my situation and how to explain things in terms of what I need to know/do.

    1. Great idea, Mel! We definitely need to chat about investments soon. Luckily for you, Lauren's an expert. Or at least she's married to one. ;) Seriously though, thanks for the input! And the praise--you're too kind. :)

    2. I agree that is a great idea! I actually have a draft of an investments tutorial I've been sort of mulling over for a while, but I think it's going to come out soon (if not next week, then March, after our tax posts in February). I think it may be a bit on the basic side, but I think what you're talking about would be a great follow-up post to that.


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