Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Can You Make A Good Living Being A Self-Employed Nurse?


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You have your nursing diploma under your belt and you are ready to enter the job market. As a beginner, there are many possibilities available to you. You can, for example, work in a hospital or establish yourself as a self-employed person. If you choose this second solution, it is essential to prepare yourself well. However, it is important to note that having a job in a hospital will give you security, job safety, a guaranteed wage and more. In this instance, you should look at current hospitalist job listings to see what may be suited to you. If you are looking at branching out from hospital or working in a hospital and also working part time freelance, then you will need to look at how it could be profitable for you.

Call in the financial experts

Your accountant not only knows what form of business best suits your profile, but he also helps you in many other areas. They are experts on finances and taxes. By working with an accountant, you won't have to worry about your tax returns or the accounting obligations of an independent professional. Would you like to benefit from more specific support for your sector? Contact a professional organization. They will advise you on matters such as your equipment and provide you with practical advice which will be good for the future.

Register as a self-employed person

Each independent nurse must register with the government for tax reasons. Registration can be done online easily.

1. Open a new bank account

In order to separate your private and professional transactions, it is important as a self-employed person to open a different current account with a local bank. 

2. Registration at a business counter

Have you chosen your form of business and opened an account in a bank? You can register at an approved business counter. In practice, your accountant can do this for you. 

3. Join a social insurance fund

Your life as a self-employed person can only begin once you are affiliated with a social insurance fund. You will therefore pay your taxes which will also contribute towards your pension in the future.

4. Get your insurance sorted

As a self-employed person, you do not benefit from the same protection as a salaried worker: therefore be sure to protect yourself sufficiently. Some insurances are compulsory, others are strongly recommended. As an independent nursing care provider, you may be faced with patients at any time claiming compensation for injury. A professional liability insurance will protect you in case of a fault committed in the context of your business. Any issues that go to court, could possibly be costly, which could hinder your career and finances. 

Being in the medical industry can be a profitable career and there are many avenues to explore. So whether you want something more secure, such as a fixed job within a hospital environment, or if you prefer to work self-employed within the community, it will be a great choice.

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