Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Why Isn't Your Property Selling

It happens a lot more than you might think: someone puts their property on the market, ready to have buyers snapping at their heels, and then nothing comes through the door. No offers, no queries, and the estate agent just keeps telling you to hold on. 

However, you’re just not sure if any news on selling is going to come your way, and you’re tired of waiting around for so long, wondering why you can’t make a return on your investment. You need answers now!

But in truth, there are many reasons as to why your property might not be selling. And with this post, we’re going to list the three most common below; make sure your property doesn’t fit any of the below criteria and you’ll get a sale in no time. 

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You’ve Valued Wrong

How high is the asking price of your property? Because it might be much higher than a buyer would ever want to pay for it! Sure, you’re looking to get as much money as possible, but when you get your home valued and then stick an extra 20% on top of the asking price, you’re not going to net a sale at all. Just bring it down a notch! 

No One Knows it’s For Sale 

A house that’s only recently been put up for sale might as well exist in a vacuum; many people aren’t going to notice it without you getting the word out about it! And when it comes to real estate investor marketing, you’ve got your work cut out for you. 

You need to get your property onto all the main real estate selling websites, to ensure you get as much coverage as possible for people looking for properties in your area. You also need to work with a reliable estate agent that is known for having a good and established online presence. And don’t be afraid to hit social networks either; Facebook Marketplace alone can net you a sale in record time, thanks to its accessibility. 

Your Home Doesn’t Look All That Great

Finally, it might be time to stand outside your property, from a distance, and consider how it looks. Because what you see is a great property with a lot of potential, but what others see is a run-down, potential fixer-upper that no one would realistically want to take on. 

So you need to jazz your home’s exterior up a bit - making it more appealing to the outside eye can cut down the selling process by at least a couple of months. Think about repainting, or planting a bit of greenery, or at least making sure your property looks clean. 

So, your property might not be selling thanks to too high an asking price, too little marketing, and maybe even just some bad curb appeal. But once you know what to work on, you can remedy the issue, and get the property back on the market to really make you some money. 

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