Monday, March 7, 2022

Smart Techniques To Make Your Kitchen A Safe Haven

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in any home, as well as the most renovated. But unfortunately, the kitchen can also be the most dangerous space in any home, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. That’s because it is where the most number of accidents occur, from slips and falls to scalding and fire outbreaks. And considering that 172,900 home fires started in the kitchen within a four-year period, you cannot exaggerate the importance of kitchen safety. So, are you planning a home improvement project soon? Including the following strategies will make your kitchen safer. 

  1. Provide proper lighting 

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Your kitchen is the last place you want to struggle with lighting issues. So, be sure to provide a generous amount of it during your next home upgrade. You can tackle the lighting issues from two angles - general and focused lights. 

With general lighting needs, you should be able to pretty much see everything when you walk into your kitchen. More focused lighting solutions should be dedicated to particular work surfaces to reduce the risk of injuries when cooking. Such lights should not cast any shadow on your cooking area and remain glare-free. 

  1. Install anti-slip floors to prevent slips and falls

Slips are another common cause of injuries in the kitchen, and you need to reduce this risk in your next home improvement. Investing in anti-slip flooring solutions is probably your best option. Many people prefer wooden floors, as it offers greater anti-slip properties. Others prefer to stick with non-slippery kitchen tiles. Some homeowners also prefer to have rugs right beneath their sinks, as they make it more comfortable to stay on your feet when doing the dishes. To prevent slipping in such cases, it makes sense to ensure that those rugs are anti-skid to avoid tripping. Generally, it will also help if you avoid leaving spills on your kitchen floor. 

  1. Prevent burns

Burns, fires, and lacerations are the cause of the majority of injuries when you’re busy in the kitchen. In fact, 49% of fires in the home start in the kitchen. You can reduce the risk of fire in your kitchen by ensuring that you always have a fire extinguisher available, properly serviced, and easily accessible. Additionally, be sure to keep loose items like towels away from your stove while doing your best to keep your countertops decluttered at all times. It also helps to get all your kitchen appliances and systems regularly serviced, especially your gas system. Check to see if your furnace ignition sensor is working properly, as that helps to keep everyone at home safe from harmful gas buildup. 

  1. Keep all electric plugs, switches, and light fixtures away from water sources.

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If any home renovation project requires you to make changes to your lighting fixtures, electric switches, and plug locations, make sure they are not close to any water source. Also, you need to provide ground-fault circuit interrupters to protect every electrical receptacle. Doing this will prevent electrocution when operating any of your kitchen appliances. 

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