Wednesday, May 25, 2022

How To Save Money When Moving House

 There are various benefits associated with moving house. For example, it could help you take the next steps in your career by widening your employment prospects and options. Alternatively, it can give you the fresh start you were looking for. However, moving can home also be expensive, which can be tough for those working within a tight budget. 

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With that in mind, here are some top tips you can use to save money while moving. 

  • Get your current property valued & set a moving budget. It goes without saying that understanding your finances will help you to manage them, especially when financing a residential move. As a result, your first port of call should be establishing exactly how much money you have to work with. In many cases, the money you can set aside to move and find the right home is based on how much you sell your current property for. As a result, you should bring an expert, such as a team member from who can help you to ascertain the value of your home. You can then work on pulling together a budget. 

  • Carry out some home renovations. It may seem a little counter-productive to spend money on the home you’re planning to leave, but a well-presented home is likely to sell quicker and for a higher value. As a result, you could actually be selling yourself short by failing to make necessary home renovations ahead of time. Thankfully, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to make an old home feel like new in order to impress a potential buyer, such as repainting your door or exterior accents. 

  • Be prepared for the unexpected costs of moving home.  One of the biggest reasons why people lose money when moving is due to the simple fact that they are not prepared for the unexpected moving costs you may face during the process. For example, hiring removal vans can be expensive if you do so last-minute, but are often much more budget-friendly if you book them far in advance. 

  • Declutter your home. Decluttering before selling your home comes with many benefits. Firstly, it means the home looks more attractive whenever you are hosting a viewing. However, it could also save you money as it reduces the amount of space you’ll need in a removal van. You could also earn some extra cash by reselling any items that are in a good condition as opposed to simply throwing them away or letting them gather dust in your closet. If you’ve never sold second-hand items before, your best bet is likely online groups such as Facebook Marketplace. Where possible, try to advertise the products on local groups, as you then won’t have to pay any delivery fees. During this time, you should also keep an eye out for items for sale in these groups, as you may find new furniture for your home at a fraction of its original price. In some cases, people give away items completely free of charge!   

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