Tuesday, August 23, 2022

What Are The Principles of Supply Chain Security

 Your supply chain cannot be compromised, and security is one of the places you need to pay careful attention to. 

Here are the principles of the supply chain that you need to know about. 

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Note: a big trend right now is blockchain for supply chain - and it’s proving to be a highly adaptable and preferred method for security. 


There will always be cybercriminals whose sole purpose is to hack, attack, steal and break. It is essential that your supply chain security doesn’t stop at a single network. Enhancing your security using things like blockchain (the parts are broken and stored separately) rather than a cloud can be one of the most beneficial moves you make. 

Segmentation means having systems that hold data in different places so that not everything is accessible via one route. It also means if you need to throw the killswitch on something, you are not risking the rest of the data too. 

Vendor Risk 

You have to accept that some level of risk management will fall at your suppliers' feet. Embracing that vendor risk management is going to be vital because you cannot control all parts. This is where reliable vendors with outstanding reputations - also put a big focus on security too. 

Create a vetting process that means all of the tools are checked, all their operations are reviewed, and you have evidence of compliances and initiatives. 


Your highest value assets are where the most amount of your focus should go. Look at how many SaaS tools are in play and which ones you feel are suitable for your highest-value assets. There will be some areas again (vendor risk) that you cannot control. 

Protect your most vital business processes, and make those the no compromise points. Anything high value that can have their supply chain exposure limited or removed - do so where it is financially viable. 

Open Source

Your suppliers have a supply chain, and so do they - and on it goes. The supply chain extends well beyond anything you have contracted. Luckily while most companies use some level of open-source tools, they are among the most reliable and put extensive resources and money into their security. 

Vulnerabilities and bugs are usually found and eliminated long before they can be reported. It pays to use open-source software where it makes sense, as the entire community will work to ensure it is flawless. 

The top tip for this is to ensure that you always implement updates when they are available. 

Process of Discovery 

One of the most important parts of the supply chain is the process of discovery. The best way to think about the discovery is that you need to uncover things that are in your ecosystem. It is your duty to clear up all of the aspects of your infrastructure and control what you can. 

The discovery process will highlight what you control, what you don’t, and all of your moving parts. It is also possible that it highlights things you hadn’t considered. 

Your business needs to be as secure as possible in all areas; here are more considerations: Is Your Business Protected? 

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