Wednesday, September 14, 2022

7 Tips For Storing Your Work Tools Safely And Securely


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How you store your work tools matters. On top of keeping tools organized so that you can easily find them, it’s important to store them safely and securely. Your work tools are your livelihood and you don’t want to lose them. You also don’t want to cause an accident by not storing them correctly. Below are just a few tips on how to guarantee safety and security when storing work tools.

Never leave tools lying on the ground

Tools left lying around can be a trip hazard. If you’re working somewhere public, you also don’t want to leave tools lying around unattended where they could be a target for an opportunistic thief.

Use lockable boxes and cabinets

A secure way to store tools is to keep them locked away in a box or cabinet when not in use. This can stop the wrong people getting their hands on them. When it comes to portable toolboxes, always keep these with you when in public spaces so that a thief can’t curry away your toolbox. Check out this guide to some of the most secure truck toolboxes.

Understand the risks of storing tools in your vehicle overnight

Storing tools in a vehicle overnight can be a secure option, however it depends very much on where you park your vehicle. If you can’t park your vehicle in a locked garage, make sure that it is parked somewhere well-lit or within view of a security camera. Company vehicles are a common target for thieves because they typically contain valuable tools.

Store them in a safe and secure building

Having a safe and secure designated building for your tools is a good idea. A steel toolshed is a simple and effective option. Steel warehouses may be required for storing larger equipment. Check out some of these Butler buildings for inspiration. 

Mark any tools you own

Thieves are less likely to steal tools that are painted or that have initials etched into them. This is because such tools cannot be easily sold. At the very least, they will be easier to track down if they are stolen.

Don’t store heavy tools overhead

When hanging tools on a wall, you should always hang heavy tools close to the floor and lighter tools higher up. Heavy tools falling off hooks and shelves can cause head injuries, which is a risk you don’t want - particularly if you are an employer.

Keep flammable items away from heat sources

Items like gas lawnmowers, cleaning chemicals, spray cans and batteries could be potentially flammable. Store these items away from heat sources. Such heat sources could include radiators, vents and furnaces. Even sunlight through a window on a hot day can be a danger to flammable items - it’s best to keep flammable items somewhere dark where the sun won’t heat them up.

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