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Can You Afford to Get a Dog? Find Out Here

 If you want to make sure that you can afford to get a dog before you go ahead and take the plunge, then you are already doing the responsible thing. If you want to make sure that you make all of the right decisions or if you want to make sure that you are fully prepared to handle any costs that may come your way, then this is the guide for you.

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Do you have Disposable Income?

It can cost hundreds a year just to take care of your dog and their routine needs. You have to make sure that you have the budget to take care of this as much as possible. If you don’t have the budget spare to pay out for things like this, then it is essential that you try and get as creative as you can with your money. You should not cut corners when it comes to your dog because this isn’t fair on them, and you may even find that you are not able to take care of them as much as you’d like. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that smaller dogs are easier to take care of but unfortunately, this is not the case at all. Smaller dogs might eat less food during the day, but the vet bills and other expenses are largely the same.

Upfront Cost

Another thing that you need to think about is the upfront cost of getting a dog. You will soon find that puppies can be incredibly expensive and even if you choose to adopt, you will still have to pay a fee. If your dog is not neutered or spayed, then you will have to pay out for this too. When you combine this with the cost of a crate, a collar, and everything else you need, this will add up too. This is the last thing that you want. A lot of shelters will include spaying or neutering within the adoption fee so you might not have to worry about this particular expense, but that being said, there are other expenses you should be mindful of.

Unforeseen Costs

Do you have a savings account that will help you to cover any unforeseen costs? With activity often comes accidents. It’s entirely possible for your dog to experience a ligament tear or a broken bone from time to time, and this can leave you with a large vet bill if you aren’t careful. You never want to put yourself in the position of needing to get your pet medical help, knowing you cannot afford to pay for it. You might want to think about taking out pet insurance to help you with things like this. Some plans even cover you for things like vaccinations, spaying and even neutering. Insurance can cost quite a lot, but you will soon find that you can save a lot in the long run, so it is imperative that you keep this in mind. Every dog deserves to have a human companion but at the end of the day, they also deserve someone who can be realistic in their ability to look after them. The last thing you want is to resent your dog because you are paying out so much for veterinary care. With the right planning, the only change that you experience with your lifestyle will be the addition of love.

Dog Sitters

You probably won’t be home as much as you would like to be. When it comes to your dog, it may be a good idea for you to pay for a sitter. You can then hire them to feed your dog, let them out to the bathroom and even walk them. If you end up working late, then this can help you out more than you realize. You will need to think about the cost of hiring a dog sitter when you go on vacation or when you go out travelling too. Having your dog go to a kennel is yet another possibility but at the end of the day, it might not be the best one for you. Your dog may well become stressed as they are separated from their environment and their routine. You may also find that they become sick as a result, and this is the last thing you need. If you are not hiring a sitter, then some workplaces offer the chance for you to bring your dog to work as they have a dedicated pet-sitting service. If you go on vacation, then you may need to think about taking your dog with you too. That being said, a lot of places do not allow pets, so it is so important that you think about things like this before you go ahead and make your decision to get a dog. If holidays are a big thing for you, you have to think about things like this.

Money for Training

Dog training is absolutely essential, and it is an expense that you have to cover. If you have a pet who is well-behaved, then this is safe for everyone. At the end of the day, training classes are great if you want to help your dog to learn the rules that you have for the house as well as learning appropriate social behavior. If your dog doesn’t know how to act around guests or even strangers, then these kinds of classes are ideal. You may also find that they can save you a lot in vet bills as you do not need to worry about mishaps or even injuries. If your dog happens to develop fearfulness, anxiety or even aggression, then you need to factor in the cost of hiring a professional dog trainer. If you can do this, then you will soon see that you are able to give your dog the best life possible. At the same time though you also need to make sure that you account for this in your budget. If you want to train your dog how to use doggy doors and other fun tricks, then you can probably do this at home, so don’t worry about things like that too much.

The Importance of Creating a Budget for your Dog

You would create a budget for yourself if you needed to, and for this reason, you need to create one for your dog too. Putting a monthly plan together will help you to figure out how much you can spend on dog treats, toys and even food. You can stop yourself from overspending and you can also be as prepared and as organized as possible. If you can set realistic and financial goals for yourself then this will help you to ensure that the health of your pet is not suffering because you are not financially stable enough to support them.

Emergency Funds

If your dog gets sick or if they have an accident, then you have to be able to use this fund. If you can, it is a good idea for you to put some money to one side each month so you can access it without any kind of penalty. If something was to happen to your dog, then you know you are covered.

Recurring Costs

Another thing that you need to do is set aside some money to handle your reoccurring costs. Dogs cost money and this may come down to grooming supplies, toys, and treats. You will want to add up how much you intend to spend on things like this every month so you can take it into account with your monthly costs. Adding up your expenses in a spreadsheet or a column will help you out a lot here and it will also help you to know how much you are spending over time.

Cut Costs

It is more than possible for you to cut costs if this is what you feel as though you need to do. If you want to try and save money when it comes to your pet, then you may want to think about buying in bulk if you can. Look at food, treats, and more. Things like this are usually way less expensive when you buy them in bigger amounts. If you are happy with the food that your dog is on, then keep this in mind. It is also so important that you use promotional codes, loyalty programs, and more to your advantage. Usually, you can save quite a lot of money this way and you may even find that you can access a lot of discounts for certain brands.

You can also skip out on some fancy extras. Sure, expensive toys may look great but most of the time, a dog is happy with a soft toy. Your dog doesn’t care about the cost of their collar either. If you can, cut money here so you have more money to spend on the important things in your dog’s life. If you can do this, then you will soon find that you can free up room in your budget.



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